Courtesy ride ends in arrest

BUCKHANNON — What started out as two Buckhannon City Police officers giving a courtesy ride to an allegedly intoxicated person ended with multiple charges being lodged against a man.

Brandon Kinder, 29, of Buckhannon, was arrested for two counts of battery on an officer, obstructing an officer, criminal bureau identification (neglect), and attempted battery on a police officer, all misdemeanors.

Chief Matt Gregory said the incident began late Wednesday night.

“It started out as Patrolman First Class Marshall O’Connor and Patrolman Sammy Criss were just trying to take him home,” Gregory said. “He was downtown and he was too intoxicated to drive in their opinion.”

The ride to Kinder’s residence in Deer Creek Ridge was mundane, with the officers and Kinder talking, according to Gregory.

Then the officers walked Kinder to his door.

“All of a sudden, he just turned and attacked Officer Criss,” Gregory said. “As soon as they got to his house, he grabbed [Criss] around the back of the neck. A struggle ensued to get him off of [Criss] and get him restrained.”

The Upshur County Sheriff’s Department was then called because the alleged battery on Criss was out in the county, according to Gregory.

Deputy Tyler Gordon arrived and handled the battery on a police officer charge.

Once he was restrained and taken into custody, Kinder was taken to the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department for processing, where they were met by Cpl. Darin Hissam and Sgt. William Courtney from the BPD.

Kinder then allegedly grabbed ahold of Gordon’s hand while he was trying to fingerprint him, refusing to be fingerprinted.

O’Connor and Hissam took Kinder to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

“There’s a little opening that you can slide the plexiglass open so you can talk to the person in the back of the cruiser,” Gregory said. “[Kinder] had somehow managed to get his foot between the opening and was trying to kick [Officer] Hissam. So much so that it made them stop and put a hobble restraint on him to restrain him.”

Due to a heavy caseload, Kinder had not been arraigned in Upshur County Magistrate Court as of 4 p.m. Thursday when the magistrate clerk’s office closed.

In a separate case, two people were arrested after a domestic battery incident Jan. 28.

William Thomas Wolfe, 34, of Buckhannon, was arrested for two counts of domestic battery, third or subsequent offense, a felony. Debbie Rushing, 54, of Buckhannon, was arrested for obstructing an officer, two counts, a misdemeanor.

Witnesses told O’Connor that they were downstairs on an adjacent room and heard crashing of items and Rushing telling Wolfe, “No.” They came up stairs and witnessed Wolfe allegedly hitting Rushing in a pushing-like movement with a coffee table. Rushing had multiple bruises and reddening on her arms but claimed they were caused by something else. Wolfe was convicted of domestic battery third offense with a conviction date of Oct. 22, 2010.

Rushing allegedly kept interrupting O’Connor as he was attempting to interview some of the suspects involved in the fight and argued with O’Connor about who was involved and not involved.

Rushing was given several warnings but did not comply. When the victim was being loaded into the ambulance, Rushing was advised to wait by her vehicle. However, Rushing allegedly started to argue with the victim. O’Connor then advised Rushing that she would be charged with obstructing.

Coffman set bond at $75,000 for Wolfe and $10,000 for Rushing.

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