County clerk records online, at last

BUCKHANNON — When Carol Smith was appointed interim permanent county clerk following the death of former longtime county clerk Debbie Thacker Wilfong in December 2016, she was repeatedly asked three main questions.

One of them was, “When are you going to put your records online?” she recalled last week.

Well, that day arrived on Friday, Dec. 1.

“When I first took office, right off the bat, I was asked three questions,” Smith said last Tuesday. “I was asked, ‘do you like what you’re doing? Do you enjoy your new job and position?’ and the answer to that is yes, ‘are you going to run?’ and the answer to that is of course, yes.’ And finally, ‘when are you going to put your records online?’ Well, that day has come.”

As of Friday, Dec. 1, Upshur County residents, business owners and government officials can now log on to, click on the ‘County Clerk’ link under the government tab and then select the ‘Online Records Search’ on the left side of the screen.

“You’re able to go to the website and follow a link to go in and look up your deeds, if you have liens, power of attorneys, things like that, wills – not just for you, but for anyone you’re interested in looking at,” Smith said.

Smith said attorneys’ offices, abstractors and government officials will be able to obtain a user name and password through her, enabling them to print documents from their home offices.

“You will have the ability to print from your own office, but you will still have to pay for the copy,” Smith explained. “There will be charge accounts.” Businesses and government officials issued user names and passwords will also be able to come into the county clerk’s office and print their own documents without help from office staff.

Smith said that although members of the general public won’t be issued a user name and password, they’ll still be able to enjoy the added convenience the online records search offers.

“For people who use it on a daily basis, it’s going to be convenient,” Smith said. “There are people who maybe need to look at a plat that’s attached to their deed, and they can’t find their deed, and you can go in as a home owner and look up your own deed and see if you can find the plat. There are advantages for a lot of people. The general public is not going to be able to print, but they’re still going to be able to go in and look at the documents.”

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