Corhart United Steelworkers give back

The United Steelworkers Union Local 477 that are the workers at Corhart Refractories have donated to less fortunate children and families every year for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been there 19 years.  This year we had a great year and raised $6,650 dollars.  We shop for these families ourselves.  We get information from them or people who know them and do as much as we can for them. 

A lot of these families aren’t necessarily on a list, such as angel tree for example.  There are 115 people employed on the floor at Corhart for the United Steelworkers. We find out about most of these families through coworkers and people they know of who are having a hard time right now and need help.  The amount of people there gives a lot of resources.  Being in a smaller town, everyone knows everyone, or at least someone who knows someone.  This affects several counties.  We also help donations to scenarios such as Women’s Aid in Crisis and Ken Johnston’s The Christmas Store.

This year, we were able to help nine different families with 25 kids in total.  We usually shop for, and/or help in specific ways pertaining to each family’s current situation to try and help have the most impact for them as possible.  It’s a group effort and a lot of heart and time goes into it, but it makes the heart full.  It seems there are a lot of these scenarios happening these days and the spirit of giving and sharing has been just as wonderful these past years, and this year especially.   

Sometimes stores find out what we’re doing and help as well.  When we were shopping one day, we found two other families that were shopping for the same reason and one older couple was trying to figure out what a certain name of a toy was and where it was located.  Then it was fun to help each other shop in the store, where we just met each other shopping for other people.

We have a tight group at Corhart and are especially proud of our United Steelworker brother and sisterhood.  We aren’t looking for recognition but thought it would be wonderful if an article was shared about the efforts, spirit and growing cheer for the Christmas seasons we’ve encountered over the years.  This year was no exception.

Thank you so much.  Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well! 


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