Contestants battle at Strawberry Idol

BUCKHANNON — The 80th Annual Strawberry Festival hosted the three-night annual Strawberry Idol contest that welcomed MC Brad Allen, judges Val Huffman, Tyler Perske and Olivia Insani and many spectators to the Courthouse Plaza. Thursday and Friday’s winners went on to compete in the finale on Saturday.

The winners for the respective days are as follows:

Thursday: Youth - 1st place winner Riley Hedrick

Adul winners - 1st place Lori Zirkle, 2nd place Delora Brown and 3rd Ashley Hoffman

Friday: Youth - 1st place Avia Trent and 2nd place Liam Trent

Adult - 1st place Ella McNeish, 2nd place Latisha Farrar and 3rd place Dannie Stiles

The winners then performed during the finals Saturday night, just beating the electrical storm. After the judges’ final remarks, the scores were tallied and the winners were announced. The youth 1st place winner, winning $400, was Ava Trent. Second place was taken by Liam Trent and 3rd place by Riley Hedrick.

The adult category winner, winning $800, was Lori Zirkle. Second place was taken by Ella McNeish and 3rd place by Katie Hinkle. As chance would have it, the adult winner, Zirkle, is the teacher of the youth winner, Trent.

Thanks were expressed to Community Care of West Virginia for sponsoring the 2022 Annual Strawberry Idol.

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