Commission welcomes Thorn

County Commission President Sam Nolte, Gwyn Thorn, Commissioner Terry Cutright and Commissioner Kristie Tenney during the Upshur County Commission meeting on Thursday morning.

BUCKHANNON — The weekly meeting of the Upshur County Commission led with a visit from the new and nationally accredited author Gwyn Thorn. Thorn appeared before the commission to tell the inspirational story of her beloved Amanda, a native to Upshur County. Thorn’s book recently drew national attention when it was selected for an award by Readers Favorite in the Christian non-fiction category. 

Thorn wrote the book as a tribute to her late granddaughter. The events leading up to the beloved Amanda becoming Thorn’s granddaughter is what Thorn came back to tell on her book tour of Upshur County. Thorn does not want the community to ever forget what happened here that day 25 years ago, or how Amanda exceeded all expectations for her precious life. 

Thorn conducted book signings at the Upshur County Public Library on Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. and a second book signing at Sweet-a-Licious on Sunday at 2 p.m. Thorn will also present to the Upshur County Family Resource Network on Monday, October 14 at 12 p.m. and during that monthly meeting, Thorn will make a donation to the FRN from a portion of her book sales. The Upshur County FRN was organized after the tragic events that happened with young Amanda back in 1995, and has been a valuable resource and organization in the community since that time. 

In other news from the commission meeting, Paul Norko, Upshur County Public Library Director, requested consideration for assistance from the Commission with the expense of street lights for the Library parking lot. The Upshur County Commission approved the request for assistance up to $4,000 and if additional funds are needed to complete the project, the commission will revisit an additional request. Follow The Record Delta for updates and information from the Upshur County Commission. 


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