Commission receives bids for COPS grant project

BUCKHANNON — The Upshur County Commission and Upshur County Board of Education received two bids for the COPS grant notification system upgrade project. The completed proposals were to be submitted by August 11, 2021.

Frontier reportedly submitted a bid proposal in the amount of $448,979.37, while Alpha Technologies presented four different bid options. The first option is their base bid that includes hardware, software and services in the amount of $281,153.05. Their second option includes the gym and commons, with a total of $253,157.89. Their third option includes the gym, commons and hallways with an amount of $391,310.87. Alpha Technologies final bid includes gym, commons, hallways and classrooms with an amount of $609,394.81. Each bid proposal also had an optional expense included if desired, increasing each total by $142,313.18.

This project is being funded by a Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) Grant, that was awarded to the Upshur County Commission in a pass-through grant to the BOE in September 2020 in the amount of $146,230. It will be up to the BOE to find the additional funding necessary for the project.

The objective of the project is “to enhance the safety of children within the school system by developing or enhancing emergency notification capabilities, which will allow first responders to initiate a response soon after an emergency occurs (especially one that necessitates a law enforcement, security-centric response),” the Commission explained in their request for proposals.

Commissioners sought proposals from qualified and experienced contractors, able to provide services, hardware, and software necessary for the installation of emergency notification systems in Upshur County BOE owned properties, including the Fred W. Eberle Technical Center.

The scope of the work necessary for the project, presented by Commissioners in their request for proposal, is as follows: Standardize ten (10) voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone systems in school and support facilities. Ensure interoperability with existing systems at the Upshur County Board of Education office and the Fred W. Eberle Technical Center; Provide telephones with intercom systems for each system (up to an estimated total of 500 phones); Telephone units should be available in every classroom, office, and commons area (e.g., gymnasium, cafeterias, kitchens, auditoriums, etc.); Notes on Desired Intercom Capabilities; The intent is to enable an emergency notification from any telephone unit that broadcasts to all other telephones on the school’s system; Ideally, the intercom capability will be initiated by a single button push (as opposed to a lengthy dialing protocol); Preference will be given to systems that can interface with multiple media (text messaging, existing public address [PA] systems, alerts on computers/devices, etc.) from the VOIP telephone handset and/or triggering capabilities from computer/web-based dashboards external to the telephones; Preference will be given to those proposals that result in minimal operational disruption; Update and provide servers to house the VOIP systems; Provide session board controllers and IP analog telephone adapters, as necessary, to support the system at the schools. Larger session board controllers may be necessary at the county’s three largest schools; Support the district in arranging for licensing of the systems; Provide training for district technology staff and building administration upon installation of the systems.

County Commissioners tabled the bid proposals from Frontier and Alpha Technologies until the Board of Education can make a recommendation.


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