Commission drafts FY 22 Budget

BUCKHANNON — Upshur County Commissioners have concluded their draft of the county’s Fiscal Year 22 Budget that is reportedly balanced at $8,821,348. This draft of the county budget will be considered for approval by Commissioners during their Thursday morning meeting. 

Public Utility values reportedly caused an estimated deficit of $230,000 in anticipated tax collections; however, funding one-time expenses with the CARES payroll reimbursement funds Upshur County received permitted the Commission to avoid any budget cuts, explained County Administrator Carrie Wallace.

Commissioners included 3% raises that elected officials will distribute as they see fit in the proposed FY 22 Budget. Per state requirements, Upshur County’s contribution to the Deputy Sheriff’s Retirement System will notice a 1% increase—from 12% to 13%. Additionally, employees will transition from Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) effective July 1. Contributions to HRAs will remain the same—$2,000 single/$4,000 family.

Capital Expenditures for the FY 22 Budget are as follows: Courthouse Facility Improvement Authority Grant (80/20) for Exterior Elevator $60,000; Election Equipment Carts (will eliminate need for tables) $6,000; Commission/Circuit Clerk Replacement Server $6,000; Parks & Rec Capital Outlay – $14,000 for disc golf purchase and installation, as well as future re-use of tennis courts; and Law Enforcement Capital Outlay – lease on additional cruiser, lights and decals.

During the Spring of FY 21, Commissioners will reportedly proceed with several upgrades to the Upshur County Recreational Pool including two additional umbrellas, two “floatables” and a crossbar water feature, as well as three flower gongs for the baby pool.

The utilization of CARES Expenditures are as follows: Emergency Operations Study with JH Consulting – $10,000; nine Sheriff’s Department tasers – $27,500; allocation to the CVB operating fund – $20,000; County Clerk floor covering replacement – $10,000; Sheriff’s Department floor covering replacement – $10,000; Sheriff’s Department entry reconfiguration – $2,000; Admin Annex windows – $16,000; B-U Rec. Park storage building – $20,000; and potential purchase of property – $100,000.

Additionally, Commissioners also agreed to move forward with the following expenditures totaling $89,500 using CARES funds in FY 21: Allocation to the Upshur County Youth Camp operating fund – $20,000; security camera server replacement for a price that will be determined following bids; Community Corrections – $10,000; Tri County Visitation – $8,000; Country Roads Transit – $10,000; UCDA – $40,000; BU Airport Authority – $20,000; and Parish House – $1,500.

The E-911 fund includes lease payoff for CAD system, purchase of new telephone system, new E-911 vehicle, new E-911 A&M vehicle, and a new E-911 A&M software system.

Regarding the Dog & Kennel fund, the Lewis-Upshur Animal Control Facility will be purchasing 28 new guillotine doors for $1,400, a new stainless steel cat cage for $3,664 and addressing surface water flow issues with rip rap and piping in anticipation of repaving the driveway and parking lot in FY 23, for a price that is to be determined later.

Coal Severance totaled up to $34,000, which will reportedly be utilized for postage.

Upshur County Commission President Kristie Tenney expressed, “The Upshur County Commission is thankful to have Elected Officials and Supervisors that strive to work together for the betterment of Upshur County. The collaboration and reasonable requests made by these individuals are commendable.”


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