Commission approves road name changes

BUCKHANNON — Upshur County Commission officials have approved 4 roads names for subdivisions near Vicksburg Road and near Brushy Fork Road. This is part of the process required secondary to Upshur County’s 9-1-1 Addressing and Mapping Ordinance. Official documentation states that, “pursuant to W.Va. Code Articles 7-1-3 and 7-1-3cc and consistent with W.Va. Code Article 24E-1-1, the Upshur County Commission has the authority to provide for the elimination of hazards to public health and safety; to establish and regulate the naming or renaming or roads, ways, streets, avenues, drives, and the like.”

Information obtained from the Upshur County Building Permit Officer; Terri Jo Bennet confirmed that 4 road names have been approved. Three road names have been approved for a subdivision near Vicksburg Road, Brant Avenue, Braylee Lane and Tripp Drive. One more name has been approved for a subdivision on Brushy Fork Road, Ashburn Drive.

Among the items for discussion, Commissioners received correspondence from Shane Jenkins, President of the WV Strawberry Festival Board of Directors. Mr. Jenkins requested use of the Courthouse Plaza for the festival from dates of May 14 through May 22. In addition, Mr. Jenkins further requested use of Sherriff’s Department for associated services and assistance from the E911 Communications Center and the Upshur County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management as necessary. Both of which were approved. Additionally, Mr. Jenkins had requested funding from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) or general budget. Funding for ARP is to be determined in April of 2022. This request may be reviewed at a later date pending the information following the meeting regarding ARP in April.

In addition, other approved items on the agenda included: Review and signature of Community Development Block Grant request for payment for Elkins Road PSD Phase III Water System improvements in the amount of $168.86 dollars; request to add Betty’s Towing on list of the Upshur County Wrecker Rotation List for emergency towing services; correspondence supporting the 26th Judicial Community Corrections Day Report Center for inclusion in FY23 grant application; Approval of Lewis-Upshur Animal Control Facility Volunteer Shyann Foster; and Approval of the Upshur County Employee Handbook of Personnel Guidelines current revision February 10, 2022 including policies approved by the Policy Board on January 27,2022 and the Commission on February 3,2022.


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