Colin Reger resigns as city recorder

UCKHANNON – At the end of the City Council meeting Thursday May 2, Colin Reger submitted his formal resignation from the position of City Recorder. He read from a letter that stated, “It is with much regret that I write this letter, but I feel it to be in the best interest of the City of Buckhannon that I resign from my position of City Recorder, effective May 3, 2019.” He went on to add that his reasons for doing so were family, health, and work obligations that were impeding his time to devote to the city. “Recent significant health issues, as well as work and family obligations have disallowed me from being as involved in board, committee, and council meetings as I would like to be in a position as crucial as this one,” Reger stated. He also voiced his concern that his schedule did not look like it would be affording him anymore free time in the future and he did not wish to place any undue burdens on fellow council or other staff members. “It is best for me to make way for another individual who will be able to make all the meetings, and better assist the mayor and council in their various obligations and duties, Reger said. He made a point to express his gratitude to the residents of Buckhannon, the mayor, and city employees who have showed him and his family kindness. He believes Buckhannon is an amazing city and holds to the vision of a brighter tomorrow. “Buckhannon is the greatest city in our State, and I will continue to make myself available, as I am able,” Reger said. “I still very much believe in the vision for a brighter future.”

Mayor David McCauley accepted his resignation, as did the other council members, with sadness. He went on to say, “About 5 p.m. this afternoon, Colin Reger, informed me of his intention to resign as our City Recorder effective immediately after this evening’s City Council meeting.”  “Colin is a dear friend, and I encouraged him, okay I begged him, to reconsider his resignation, or at least delay it.” He went on to add that he was surprised by the turn of events. “His decision left me speechless, and that’s saying something to shut me up,” McCauley said. Mayor McCauley wished Reger the very best and thanked him for his service to the city. “I wish my friend the very best, and that Colin continue to dedicate himself to those things that matter most to him, to his family, to God, and to nurturing his several businesses,” McCauley said.  “We all owe him our sincerest thanks for his contributions to making our excellent community even better.” 

The City Council swiftly took action to begin the process of filling the vacant City Recorder position. They voted on and approved a timeline outlined below:

Delivery of Notice of Appointed Position of City Recorder to The Record Delta, and other newspapers/electronic journals – Friday, May 10

Advertise in newspapers as Class II legal ad, on consecutive Wednesdays, May 15 and 22.

Deadline for letters of interest and other application materials is Saturday, May 25 either hand delivered to mayor if hand delivered or postmarked by midnight on May 25.

Special Council meeting to review all applications on Tuesday, May, 28 at 6 p.m. and to determine applicants to be interviewed – executive session

Special Council meeting to conduct interviews on Tuesday, June 4 at 6 p.m.  – executive session

Motion, announcement of appointment, and swearing in of new City Recorder at outset of meeting on Thursday, June 6 at 7 p.m., possible executive session before open session City of Buckhannon West Virginia.


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