Class of 1956 commemorates 65th reunion

BUCKHANNON — The Buckhannon-Upshur High School Class of 1956 gathered at the Bicentennial Inn on August 21, 2021 for a class reunion, commemorating 65 years since their graduation.

Now in their early 80s, 17 classmates attended the reunion to share refreshments, conversations, and memorabilia from their high school days. During their school years, Upshur County had two high school locations—Buckhannon and Tennerton. The Class Reunion facilitated both groups of graduates.

Since graduation, the Class of 1956 has reportedly lost 93 classmates, all of whom they honored at the reunion with a photo memorial. Attendees sat and shared stories with one another, collectively agreeing that the 1960s was their favorite decade. One individual, Joy Mick Walgren, traveled all the way from Texas to attend the reunion. Graduate Janet Newman explained, “It means so much to me to see those people. We’re a very close class. We have always stayed fairly close and kept in touch. We check on each other to see how we’re getting along.”

The classmates brought in yearbooks, B-UHS pom poms, newspaper clippings, magazines, and postcards to reminisce on life as a high schooler in the 50s.


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