City suffers series of car break-ins

BUCKHANNON — Over the past week, Buckhannon experienced a series of car break-ins across the city. Several of the break-ins were reported to be on the campus of West Virginia Wesleyan College, specifically in the old Camden and Doney parking lots. 

Senior Health Science major, Summer Propps recounted the events of what happened to her last Tuesday.  “I went back to my car to get money out of it, so I could go to the grocery store, and it had been ransacked. All my stuff was on the floor, my wallet was out in the open, my glovebox was open, and my debit card was gone,” Propps said.  She added that all the change from her wallet had also been taken and when she found her car in disarray, she went to Campus Security. When Propps went to file her complaint, she found that they were already talking to another person whose car had also been broken into. 

Olivia Lundy was not as lucky.  “They busted in my window and went through my car. They only took change, but they threw stuff everywhere,” Lundy said.

Chief of Police Matt Gregory said that the Buckhannon Police Department has a few suspects and are actively pursuing those leads. In the meantime, Gregory offered the following advice: 

“The vast majority of car break-ins occur because they are unlocked. Keep your doors locked and do not leave valuable items inside.” Contact the Buckhannon Police Department if you have any information about the recent car break-ins at 304-472-5723.


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