City plans building demolitions

BUCKHANNON — In the coming weeks, multiple locations are set for demolition by City of Buckhannon officials, thanks to the renting of specialized equipment.

With plans already in motion, the select places that are on the demo list have been purchased by the city. Officials said they plan to repurpose anything possible from the projects. The following sites will reportedly see action by the end of September or beginning of October 2021.

• 31 Upper Drive – A house the city purchased from a tax sale

• Office Building at the old Street Department on Factory Street

• Salt bins on Factory Street (will be repurposed) 

• A portion of a garage on Factory Street

• 39 Sedgwick Street – An old garage the city purchased from a tax sale

• 65 E Main St – Pythias building purchased by city

• Madison Street – old bank drive-thru building

“We hope to get started on these projects soon and see some new projects begin as well,” said City Recorder Randy Sanders.


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