City of Buckhannon proclaims Aug. 13-14 as “Green Bean Weekend”

BUCKHANNON — Buckhannon’s City Council met on Tuesday to discuss reports from each department and confirm its latest proclamation.

Before department reports, Council was joined by Dr. Joseph Reed for the Mayor’s proclamation designating August 13-14 as the 5th Annual “Green Bean Weekend” in the City of Buckhannon. This celebration is dedicated to “recognizing that hunger still exists in Upshur County and in Buckhannon; recognizing that green beans are a productive and nutritious vegetable crop that is easily grown and harvested; acknowledging that the mini activities are a success in our fair city and county because of the multitude of volunteers who are the catalyst and workers in these activities.”

All citizens are urged to grow green beans or go to the Farmer’s Market and purchase green beans, snap them, and deliver the bounty to the local Parish House to help feed those who are in nutritional need this year and the next.        

Beginning department reports, Finance Director Amberle Jenkins updated Council on the City’s expenses, revenues and balances. She listed the status of the General Funds budget, and minor changes that had been made since their last meeting. The report was approved as presented.

Following, Buckhannon Fire Department Chief JB Kimble provided Council with a recap of June, listing the calls for service the department had responded to during the month. Kimble highlighted a few volunteers’ accomplishments, and informed Council that they have now been a part of four CPR saves since December, continuing their efforts of making Buckhannon a Heart-Safe City.

City Attorney Tom O’Neill joined Council for the second and final reading of Ordinance 452, officially renaming the Colonial Theatre and the governing board the “Colonial Arts Center” and the “Colonial Arts Center Board.” The motion was passed unanimously.

The next regular City Council meeting will take place on August 19 at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers.


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