City issues reminder for pool, water features

BUCKHANNON — Now that it is officially summer, Buckhannon City Officials would like to remind residents of the rules of maintaining safe swimming pools and other water features. In the City of Buckhannon: “Private swimming pools containing water more than 24 inches in depth, shall be permitted only when located in rear yards, and further when completely enclosed by a fence or buildings or combination thereof of a height of six feet (6’) in the case of fences, and six feet (6’) or greater in the case of buildings and generally protected in such a manner so as to avoid becoming an attractive nuisance especially to children.”

If cited by the city for a violation concerning swimming pools and other water features, residents must take the necessary steps to resolve this problem within 15 days from the receipt of a notice. Untreated, stagnant pool water will need to be drained for prevention of breeding of mosquitoes.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of the importance of these rules.


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