City Council discusses upcoming opioid litigation trial

City Recorder Randy Sanders, Mayor Robbie Skinner and Councilwoman Pamela Bucklew during the council meeting.

BUCKHANNON — On Thursday, Buckhannon City Council discussed an upcoming trial regarding Civil Action No. 21-C-9000-MFR, which is in reference to the opioid litigation trial.

According to, lawsuits were filed by 54 of the 55 of West Virginia’s counties against a multitude of drug and opioid manufacturers. City Attorney Tom O’Neill brought council members up to speed on the process of the ongoing opioid litigation.

O’Neill stated, “The trial will commence on April 4, 2022. This trial will decide how funds with be disbursed among the 54 municipal plaintiffs.” O’Neill advised the council to work on providing documentation to the court, due on March 14. Said documentation will aid the presiding judge in making decisions on how funds will be allocated to the plaintiffs.

In records obtained from, Civil Action No. 21-C-9000 MFR, the panel has reserved two months for trial. Additionally, the trial will be conducted Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Documentation also explained that Pretrial Memoranda must be submitted no later than March 21. The memoranda must include: a statement of the case, issues of face, issues of law, proposed stipulations, a pre-marked exhibit list consisting of joint agreed exhibit list, lists of contested exhibits from both the plaintiff’s and the defendants’, and the witness list. It also states a schedule of witnesses will be prepared at the pretrial conference on March 25.

In addition to this issue, council members approved the consent agenda, which included approval of minutes, of building and wiring permits and payment of bills, Ordinance 454 Parade Route Parking Plan Final Reading, the Request for Letter of Support for Grant from Major Broadband Project Strategies from Frontier WV Communications, and UCBOE Request for Letter of Support for Nomination of WV Governor’s Arts Organization of the Year Award. The Amendment to the Property Purchase Sales Agreement 10 East Lincoln Street was tabled until the next meeting, scheduled for Thursday, March 3.


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