City Celebrates Hannukah

BUCKHANNON -  On the second day of Hannukah, a small crowd gathered at Jawbone Park for the lighting of the Menorah.

Mayor David McCauley welcomed those in attendance and said,” I especially want to thank Daya Wright and her family who acquired this beautiful Menorah several years ago for annual display in our most public space, our beautiful Jawbone Park.

“While the Menorah is primarily symbolic of the eight days of Hannukah and is a Jewish holiday, it’s further symbolic of our American society’s and our own Buckhannon community’s acceptance, tolerance  and appreciation for religious freedom and the recognition that we can worship differently one from another in a respectful, co-existing and joyous way. This is a time when we appreciate both our commonality as a people where an overwhelming majority of Americans were born into our Judeo-Christian way of religious thought, but also the diversity of the way we celebrate our many, religious foundations.”

“All of us in our Buckhannon community are especially mindful of the recent tragedy occurring but a hundred miles from us in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh where 11 people were killed and seven others were wounded on Oct. 27, 2018, in a senseless, targeted massacre where lives were taken simply because of people practicing a religion different from the assailant. Our newly established Diversity Appreciation Coalition was spawned as a consequence of that event, the last straw as it were, to rally all of our citizens to appreciate the differences in all of us. We all stand here today in unity and support for our Jewish friends and in fact, we stand here united with all people of all religions, genders, races, ethnicities, ages, handicaps, orientations and familial statuses.”

Wright shared the story of Hannukah which represents the rededication of the second Jewish temple in Jerusalem during the second century and the program concluded with the reciting of prayers.

On Friday following the Christmas parade, there will be a lighting of the Christmas tree in Jawbone Park.


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