City approves installation of historical turnstiles

BUCKHANNON — Building Code Enforcement Officer Vincent Smith began Thursday evening’s City Council meeting with a proposition to bring more attention to the area’s rich history. He presented a recommendation from the Historic Landmarks Commission to install multiple turnstile signs downtown, each depicting Buckhannon’s historic information on either side.

After discussion, Council members agreed to adopt the suggestion. Smith also mentioned an inquiry by the Buckhannon Historic Landmarks Commission about property renovation and construction suggestions. This item was tabled to be discussed with more detail at an upcoming City Council meeting.

Following was a financial report from Amberle Jenkins. After two budget work sessions with City Council, the draft for the General Fund budget expenditures continues to be discussed and organized. City Council will continue to meet with Jenkins to finalize the budget for FY 2021-2022. Expenses in the budget include, but are not limited to street projects, paving, payroll adjustments, equipment for the police and fire departments, among other items. Council must reportedly approve the budget before March 28.

Next, Buckhannon Police Chief Matthew Gregory reported that multiple cruiser barricades are available to be transferred from BPD to the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department, as they city is no longer utilizing them. The barriers are located between the driver’s section and back passenger’s section of the cruisers. Council approved the transfer.

Public Works Director Jerry Arnold presented a brief update from his department and explained that the grade work for the new access road at the UCDA property on Brushy Fork has been completed. In addition, the Street Department plans to maintenance sidewalks on Main Street as soon as possible, including several other repairs and restoration projects that will continue when the weather permits.

After all department reports were heard, City Council approved the motion to add an antenna to a possible radio tower being erected in the Deer Creek Ridge area. If this tower is built, the City of Buckhannon will add an antenna to provide radio contact to the new Mudlick property facility. The installation will also provide better intranet and connection to BPD, as they are using cell service currently.

The meeting concluded with comments and announcements from the Council members. Mary Albaugh was able to attend the meeting in person, while Jack Reger and Pamela Bucklew attended the meeting virtually. The Council was thankful for their return and participation.

Randy Sanders added his experience having a Zoom meeting with a marching show band from Guatemala. They are eager for Buckhannon’s 2023 WAMSB event and have begun their VISA processes.

Mayor Skinner adjourned the meeting after thanking Council and Department/Board members for their continued hard work and adaptivity during these trying times.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 4 at 7:00 p.m.




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