City approves change of roof replacement

City Council holds Thursday evening meeting to discuss City Hall’s roof replacement options.

BUCKHANNON — The members of the Buckhannon City Council met Thursday, December 16 to discuss issues pertaining to the City of Buckhannon.

One of the leading issues during the meeting surrounded an update from the contractors who have been handling the replacement of City Hall’s roof. Leading up to the meeting, the contractors recently observed that portions of the roof were in much worse condition than originally believed. The company advised the council that the roof, in its entirety, would have to be replaced. As this was not a part of the council’s original agreement with the contractors, estimates had to be ran before any decisions were made. Being no small undertaking, especially as it was unplanned, the decision whether to replace the remaining portions of City Hall’s roof was not a matter of if, but what the timeline and cost of the project.

After some general discussion and questions, the council gave their approval for Change Order #1, which calls for the entire roof to be replaced at City Hall. This job will replace the current roof, which was last redone in 1998. Following the disclosure of the company’s observation, the order will call for the replacement of the 2,990 square feet roof. Fortunately, there was no asbestos detected in the roof, which will save both time and money. In total, the estimated cost of the project is $86,970. This number is sensible, particularly noting fees for walking pads, which will allow contractors to access, remove and replace the remaining sections of the roof.

Originally, the plan called for the contractors to only replace certain sections of the roof. What has been done up to this point has efficiently come in $8,115 under budget, saving money for this upcoming unexpected expenditure. In his closing comments on the council giving the “go-ahead” the City Hall’s roof project, Mayor Robbie Skinner III said, “I think replacing the roof at the same time will be beneficial.”

In the long run, this will save the City money, as the roof comes with a 25-year warranty, covering the roof for the next quarter century, ensuring City Hall will be a sound structure for years to come.


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