Child neglect, DUI lead to jail

BUCKHANNON — A Buckhannon man was arrested for child neglect, driving under the influence with a minor in the vehicle and driving with a license revoked for DUI first offense.

Daniel Travis Dunlavy, 28, was arrested during a traffic stop, on Dec. 30, according to the criminal complaint in the Upshur County Magistrate Clerk’s office. The report said Officer Angel McCauley was advised of a BOLO from the Com center for a gold Pontiac sedan. The driver was named as Daniel Dunlavv, who was known to be driving on a revoked license with a child in the car. While waiting on Route 33, McCauley and Cpl. Marshall O’ Connor recognized the vehicle driving westbound on 33. After confirming the make and model, they followed the vehicle on South Locust with lights engaged initiating a traffic stop on Franklin Street. Upon approach of the vehicle, McCauley asked for his information to which Dunlavy replied he did not have a driver’s license. Upon checking the status on Dunlavy’s license, McCauley discovered it was revoked for DUI with an effective date of July 2, 2015.

McCauley said there was a small child in the backseat partially buckled in a front facing five point child restraint car seat. During a tow inventory of the vehicle McCauley found two empty baggies and aluminum foil with burn marks.

The aluminum foil was under the child’s car seat. McCauley informed Dunlavy of his Miranda rights, which he verbally waved and asked him about the paraphernalia, to which he responded “crystal,” McCauley asked if that meant crystal meth and Dunlavy replied “yes.”

After arriving at the police department O’ Connor conducted Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. McCauley observed Dunlavy showing impairment on the horizontal gaze nystagmus test and the walk and turn test. Cpl. O’Connor also conducted the ARIDE test to which he deemed additional signs of impairment. Dunlavy then consented to a blood draw which was taken at ST. Joseph’s Hospital.

Dunlavy was arraigned in Upshur County Magistrate Court where Magistrate Mike Coffman set bond at $45,000.

If convicted, Dunlavy faces 30 days to six months in jail and a fine of $100 to $500 for driving with a license revoked for DUI first offense, being confined in jail for 24 hours to 12 months and fined $200 to $1,000 for DUI with a minor in the vehicle and confined in a correctional facility for one to five years and fined $1,000 to $3,000 for child neglect.



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