CEO of job board for businesses without vaccination requirement reacts to Biden’s National Vaccination Mandate

MOSCOW, Idaho — Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of, a job board website for businesses without vaccine requirements, issued the following comment in reaction to President Biden’s announcement today that businesses with over 100 employees will be required to have their employees get vaccinated or test weekly.

“RedBalloon believes that all Americans should have the opportunity to find work, without the fear of being fired over their vaccination status,” Crapuchetts said. “America was founded on individual freedom, and the United States has prospered tremendously as a free nation.”

“These unconstitutional vaccine mandates are punitive,” Crapuchettes said. “The basic choice is either take a vaccine - regardless of whether there are legitimate concerns - or lose your job, your house, your livelihood and possibly starve to death on the streets.  How is that not government coercion?”

“RedBalloon is not afraid to take a stand for freedom,” Crapuchettes said. “We will continue to provide a community for employers who are committed to protecting their employees’ constitutional rights and medical freedom.”

About Red Balloon:

Red Balloon was founded in 2021 as the solution to the ever-growing problem of government overreach and “cancel culture” invading the American workplace.  Red Balloon is a platform that connects like-minded businesses and Americans who seek the freedom to work without the fear of discrimination against personal beliefs, infringement on constitutional rights, or invasion of medical privacy.  We pioneered Red Balloon to honor and celebrate the American liberties that make this country great.  Our mission is to empower employers to preserve these liberties for their workforce, and to place talented Americans into careers that will value their freedom and prioritize their success.