Central West Virginia Center for Pregnancy Care hosts annual Christmas party

BUCKHANNON — Parents and children, alike, were happy to see the return of the Central West Virginia Center for Pregnancy Care Christmas party.

On Dec. 19, the pregnancy center opened their doors at the Christian Fellowship church to their clients to enjoy food and a chance to get toys for their children.

The office manager for the pregnancy center, Cindy Winneberger said she always looks forward to the Christmas party.

“I love it,” Winneberger said.  “I just love the fact that these kids are going to have new gifts under the tree on Christmas morning and the mothers don’t have to worry about affording them.”

Each client of the center was able to take three new toys, three used toys and four stocking stuffers for each of their children.

The director of the Central West Virginia Pregnancy Center Barbara Kincaid said they received the toys from grants and donations.

“It’s like Santa’s workshop,” Kincaid said.  “Some of the toys we wrote a grant for. But this is a community effort here. This is our local churches that collected boxes of toys for us I think they gave us five boxes at a time. This is the result of our community working together to provide these toys for our moms so that they can Christmas shop.”

Kincaid said the center has done this Christmas part for 10 or 11 years, but only started doing the lunch about five years ago.

“I just liked the idea of everyone from the center sitting down to eat supper together,” Kincaid said. “It makes me so happy to see everyone all together as one big family.”

Kincaid said it’s not just mothers and children that attend the Christmas party.

“We see everyone, the fathers and the grandparents like to come and it makes it easier on the moms to hide the toys they just got if they have someone to watch the children,” Kincaid said.

Kincaid said they are currently working with around 300 families and that the Christmas party only gets busier every year.

“This is our first year in this facility for the party because we outgrew our previous space,” Kincaid said. “I love it, I love seeing everyone together like this.”

Kincaid said a lot of the food eaten during the party was donated from JAWS BBQ! and owner Gary Connell said they were happy to do it.

“We have supported this organization for a while now and I really hope we keep doing it, I really appreciate what you are trying to accomplish,” Connell said.

The Central West Virginia Center for Pregnancy Care office is located on 156 Hackberry Lane and the hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday.


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