Cars slide on snowy roads

BUCKHANNON — “Slow down, that is the number one thing to do when snow hits the ground,” Lieutenant Mark Davis of the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department said. Emergency responders were busy Tuesday with minor wrecks in the morning. Sergeant A.S. Taylor of the Buckhannon detachment of the W.Va. State Police said he responded to three wrecks and planning ahead could help prevent the incidents.

“Make sure you give yourself enough time,” Taylor said.  The majority of crashes are just people who are used to their routine and travel at the same time and you have to give yourself more time. The amount of wrecks I responded to could have been cut in half if they just gave themselves more time.”

John Brugnoli career firefighter from the Buckhannon Fire Department said he responded to seven accidents in the area and another thing people can do is to make sure tires are not over or under inflated and to avoid back roads if possible.

“The state road did a pretty good job clearing everything off the main roads,” Brugnoli said. “The problem areas are mostly secondary routes like Tallmansville and Brushy Fork because they’re just higher elevated so when it rained yesterday it froze quickly and made it very dangerous.”

Davis said he responded to approximately seven wrecks and most of them were minor with no injuries.

“A lot of it was sliding in the ditch today,” Davis said.  “We had one hit the guard rail on 33, we had one head on in Teter, but no one was injured. Most of it was just sliding of the road and going in the ditch.”

Davis said drivers should take extra caution when driving across a bridge.

“We had an individual who wasn’t even going that fast, but as soon as he started driving across that bridge he just floated and couldn’t get traction in time on the other side of the bridge,” Davis said.

Davis said roads had not been treated by the time people were going to work that morning.

“The roads were just very treacherous today, a lot of it was they were further out and if you get further out in the county it gets colder and it just hadn’t been treated by the time people were leaving.”

Davis said he would anticipate back roads continuing to be a problem leading into Wednesday morning if the temperature gets colder after dark.

“Brushy Fork, Stoney Run, the Teter, Hodgesville and Swamp Run were real bad today and if it continues to snow it’s possible they could be problem areas later.”


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