Car stolen in downtown Buckhannon recovered in Weston

BUCKHANNON — A Jeep Cherokee reported stolen Thursday afternoon was recovered Friday in Weston.

The vehicle’s owners left the key in the console and the doors unlocked while they left their red 1999 Jeep Cherokee on North Kanawha Street to go around the corner to Thompson’s Pharmacy, according to Lt. Doug Loudin with the Buckhannon Police Department.

The owners were gone about 10 minutes at the most, but when they returned, they found their vehicle was missing.

Loudin responded to the 911 call at 2:40 p.m.  and patrolled for the vehicle.

“Due to the fact that I could not find the vehicle, I entered the vehicle in NCIC and had other agencies keeping an eye out,” he said. “The Weston Police Department found it this morning.”

Loudin said it is important to remember to lock car doors and not leave keys in the vehicle.

“Don’t leave anything in the vehicle that a thief might want to take from the vehicle,” he said. “Even if it’s locked, they will sometimes break the window.”

Loudin said that if someone is intent on breaking the law, they will find a way to do it but people can make it more difficult for them.

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