Capito talks Coronavirus Relief on Bloomberg TV

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) joined David Westin on Bloomberg TV’s Balance of Power Friday to discuss how states like West Virginia are handling the coronavirus pandemic—particularly when it comes to small business relief, reopening schools, and more.

Targeted Assistance: “Here’s where I think we’ve done the right thing by waiting a couple of months. I think we’ve been able to assess where we are, who else needs assistance, who’s falling through the cracks. So I think we are going to target this next recovery package to those kinds of concerns. Whether it’s schools, whether it’s more vaccine development, or whether it’s some small businesses that are still very much struggling and people are still without a job. So, I feel optimistic we can get there, but seeing what’s happened over the last several weeks certainly helps us make that targeted assistance that much meaningful.” 

Small Business Relief: “Let’s not just blanket approach it. Let’s make sure that we are pinpointing any kind of loan forgiveness at the very successful PPP program to those businesses that are having a very severe downturn or are unable to reopen… small business is the backbone—really, probably of the country—but certainly a smaller state like mine. I’ve talked to many small businesses that can’t go full bore, and they need some more assistance.”

Safely Reopening Our Schools: “There are other issues that I think are important not to overlook about getting students into the classroom. Many times, the teacher is an adult who can oversee the child in other ways besides cognitive learning—their emotional wellbeing, whether their getting nutrition or not—so, there’s other things—whether their parents can go back to work is another big element of this. So, I think the physical reopening of our schools in a safe way possible is what I think we’ve got to have that as our end game, and hopefully sooner than later.”