Canned Soup Drive sets goal of 4,500 cans to assist Backpack Program

BUCKHANNON — Local State Farm Agent Kelley Tierney’s 4th Annual Soup Drive is up and running!

The 4th Annual Soup Drive kicked off October 1 and will continue through October 31, with the goal of donating 4,500 total cans of soup to the Go Wild, Feed a Child Backpack Program, supporting all Upshur County school children.

Any donation Tierney’s office receives during the month of October will be matched, can-for-can! Last year, they had a goal of 4,000 cans. “With the pandemic in full swing, we were not sure would be able to make our goal; however, we knew the citizens of Upshur County are always ready to help our students, so we set an ambitious goal…and we met it,” Tierney exclaimed. Exactly 4,000 cans of soup and other canned items were collected to benefit the local Backpack Program—2,000 from the community and her office’s 2,000 can match.

This year, the goal is 4,500 cans and again, all cans collected will be matched then distributed to the Go Wild…Feed a Child Backpack Program. Also known simply as the Backpack Program, students from all Upshur County Schools can utilize the assistance for their weekend food needs. Tierney expressed, “With almost half of our school children meeting the criteria for weekend backpacks, the need continues to be great. We have individuals, church groups, businesses and organizations participate. It truly takes our entire community!”

Donations may be dropped off at Kelley Tierney’s State Farm office, located at 115 E Main Street in Buckhannon. “We also have folks who do not want to go into the stores due to the continuing pandemic, or just simply cannot get out, but still want to help, so we are glad to go shopping for soup,” Tierney offered. Tax deductible donations made be made by writing checks to Foundation for Better Schools in Upshur County, with Soup Drive noted in the memo line.

She concluded, “We are in awe every year the way Upshur Countians embrace the Soup Drive and have made it such an important part of the Backpack Program. In our first three years, we have been able to provide just shy of 10,000 cans of soup to the Go Wild, Feed a Child Backpack Program, through the Kelley Tierney, State Farm Insurance Soup Drive!”


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