Campbell tased into submission

BUCKHANNON — An unruly Rock Cave man remains in custody after law enforcement had to tase him into submission last week.  Nathan Howard Campbell, age 25, stands accused of indecent exposure, obstructing and assault on a police officer, after Deputy Barcus responded to a call for removal of an unwanted person on July 11.  

According to the criminal complaint, Campbell was walking around the yard in nothing but his boxers when the officer arrived at the caller’s residence and subsequently kicked the door of his vehicle.  When the officer tried to ascertain the situation, the defendant reportedly pulled down his boxers and exposed himself.  He allegedly refused to provide his name initially, then quickly approached the deputy in a manner that caused the officer to draw his taser.  

Campbell remained non-compliant, so the officer holstered the taser and placed the defendant in hand restraints.  The caller advised that Campbell had been staying at her residence, but said he tends to become belligerent when intoxicated.  The officer had him take a seat on the porch stairs to further investigate the situation and the report said he managed to slip his restrained hands from behind his back to the front during that time.  

Deputy Barcus subsequently called for backup and escorted Campbell to his feet, at which point he kicked a flowerpot off the stairs.  While being escorted to the patrol vehicle, the accused allegedly attempted to wrap his legs around Barcus’s legs.  Campbell was escorted to the ground just as two other deputies arrived to assist.  

When the officers attempted to move the defendant’s hands back behind him, he reportedly tucked his arms under his body and refused to comply.  Barcus said he issued two five-second stuns to Campbell, which allowed him to be successfully restrained and detained in the cruiser.  

The defendant remains at Tygart Valley Regional Jail in lieu of a combined $35,000 bond plus LET fees set by Magistrate Mike Coffman.  If convicted, Campbell faces confinement in jail up to one year and/or a fine of $50-$500 for obstructing.  He also faces confinement in jail for not more than 12 months and/or a fine not more than $500 for indecent exposure and jail confinement for 24 hours to six months, as well as a fine up to $200 for assault on a governmental representative.


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