Butera’s moving to new location

BUCKHANNON—Butera’s Italian Grill announced it will be moving downtown in January. Owner of Butera’s Italian Grill Paul Butera said the opportunity presented itself when he was asked to renew his lease at the Buckhannon Country Club. He said the increase in rent was not something he was willing to pay so he started looking for other opportunities and purchased a building at 13 Florida Street that is the New Community Church.

“I bought the building just because I like the building,” Butera said. “It’s got a full kitchen downstairs and I decided to go ahead and maybe do a delivery business in the church because delivering will be quicker to downtown and that would put us right next to downtown businesses, and also houses in the downtown area.”

Butera also said he hopes it will be easier for him to hire people at the new location.

“My main stress at this location has been employing the dining room,” Butera said. “It’s been really hard to find staff suit that and I can’t be in both places at one time.”

He said he will not need as many employees at the church because he is thinking they might start focusing more on delivery at the new location. He said they will have limited dine in, but it will not require as many servers to operate. He also hopes that he will be able to get the word out about Butera’s easier once they move into their downtown location.

“That would alleviate some time for me to do a little more PR than I have been able to do here because we’re a little forgotten out here,” Butera said.

He said since the business will become more about delivery, and the menu will be trimmed down so some of the less popular dishes will be removed. Some of the dishes that Butera said are not going anywhere include grilled chicken fettuccine, spicy Italian pasta, the scampi, pizzas and three of the desserts.

He said the hours for the restaurant will remain the same through December and they will continue to do any Christmas parties that were already scheduled to occur.

They will also have a buffet style dinner available Dec. 23 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. where customers will have their choice of baked lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken fettuccine and spicy Italian sausage with pasta. The buffet will include an entrée, salad, bread, drink and dessert.


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