Bus stop: Upshur County faces shortage of substitute bus drivers

BUCKHANNON — Substitute bus drivers are badly needed in Upshur County and in other counties in the state.

Superintendent Roy Wager said Upshur County is not the only county affected by a shortage of substitute bus drivers.

On Thursday, bus 86 was unable to run meaning parents and guardians had to take their children to school. And this is the second or third time this school year that this has happened.

“That’s going to happen more now because we don’t have enough subs,” he said. “We keep advertising.”

A class just completed, adding two or three subs to the roster, but that is not enough, according to Wager.

“If we get seven bus drivers out, we are in trouble we don’t have seven subs,” he said.

Bus mechanics who have their commercial drivers license endorsement and custodians who also have a CDL have been called on to drive buses.

“We use everybody and anybody that is willing to do that,” he said.

More people are needed to earn their CDL endorsement – something they can do at Fred W. Eberle Technical Center – and then take the six-week training through the school system.

“We have two trainers,” he said.

The training is offered in the evenings.

Wager said he and other superintendents are working on a proposal that may allow an accelerated program while still ensuring adequate training but it would need to be approved at the state level. 

For more information on the requirements to be a bus driver and how to apply, visit http://wvde.state.wv.us/jobs/for/Upshur/ and click on the link for substitute bus drivers.

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