Burkhammer: “Faith, Family, Freedom

BUCKHANNON — Adam Burkhammer is a Weston-Buckhannon native and a 2003 graduate from Buckhannon-Upshur High School, who currently resides in Horner, WV. He married his high school sweetheart, Jamie Burkhammer, and has three kids, including one foster child. Burkhammer is currently running as a Republican candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates for the 46th District.

Although Burkhammer does not have history in government, he has always been interested in politics throughout his life. “I have always wanted to get involved and finally this year, I decided to do it,” Burkhammer said.

Burkhammer explained why seeking a position in the WV House of Delegates was a good choice for him. “I wanted to be able to make an impact on our community and I felt that this was the place where it was actually going to happen. I really feel a strong move in others to change and modify everything that we do and how we live. I kind of like the way we live here and want to preserve that and build upon who we are here in West Virginia,” said Burkhammer.

Burkhammer believes in keeping West Virginia’s values and traditions alive and wants to do so while serving. “I would like to ensure that the socialist, liberal progressive movement does not come into our lives here in West Virginia. I plan to stop that movement while protecting the way we do live, ensuring our freedom. Everybody has all these ideas where they want to change this and change that. Yes, we can better it, but let’s not try to rewrite everything or try to fit in with other states. We’re pretty unique here in West Virginia and let’s not lose that.” Burkhammer said. 

“I want to be able to better West Virginia from an economic standpoint also. Using my business experience and using my connections throughout different industries in the state, I feel like I can use that to work with others to grow our economy and grow our population,” he said. 

Burkhammer said he is Pro-life, Pro-Second Amendment, and Pro-Foster Care. He emphasized that he does not support the act of, legislation for, or tax funding towards abortions. Burkhammer explained that he understands some needs for abortion, but said he does not support abortion as a form of birth control. He also supports male birth control and feels that this responsibility should be shared by men, as well. 

Burkhammer assured that he stands against any ban of firearms or ammunition. As a foster parent, he staunchly supports the foster care system and wants to work to build up the system to help children. Burkhammer added that he wants to fight the drug epidemic, fix the state’s infrastructure and protect religious liberty. “It’s not the government’s job to do the work of the church, it’s the government’s job to ensure that the church has the freedom to work,” Burkhammer stated. Burkhammer is not a LGBTQ supporter and said he does not favor the Fairness Act, but also made it clear that he does not support any discrimination against any human being. “You are not to hate; you are not to go around throwing rocks… but I do not support it,” Burkhammer said. 

Burkhammer believes we are still not fighting the drug epidemic issue the way we should be. “There is no short-term fix to this [drug epidemic], so I think harsher punishment for dealers is a way to start. As a kid, the harsher the punishment, the more you listened. I know that puts a burden on the already overpopulated, underfunded corrections, but it’s long term. If we can make those long-term investments, it may be five years or 10 years down the road, but I think we’ll see a decrease in that,” Burkhammer said. He also believes we should start with childhood education to teach kids the long-term effects of drugs physically, financially, and emotionally. 

As for other issues, Burkhammer believes everything hinges around the epidemic. For example, “Our corrections and foster care systems are overrun and underfunded because of the drug problem,” he said. He also believes abortion rates are high because of the drug problem. “I feel like if we tackle the drug problem, we tackle the other issues that have spiraled from it,” Burkhammer stated.

Burkhammer truly believes the government should work for the people, not rule the people. “I believe in a limited government. I’m not a government-controlled kind of guy. We were built to be free, we were built to be able to think on our own, live on our own, and our government has continued to overstep its bounds for years to the point that we regulate, and then we overregulate everything we do. I’m for a government that is withdrawn from the people but helps the people, not rules the people,” Burkhammer said. 

Burkhammer is the owner of A.J. Burk, LLC/Mountaineer Welding & Construction and Ri Co Properties, LLC. Burkhammer serves as the Associate Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Tennerton. He also coaches youth soccer and serves on the Lewis County Soccer Board, as well as the 180 Center, Inc. Board of Directors, a faith-based organization that helps fight drug addiction. 

Burkhammer’s opponents for the 46th District are Republican candidates Steve Moneypenny and Dylan King, Democratic candidates Brittney Barlett and Bob Stultz, and Libertarian candidate Mike Lockard. If you would like to learn more about Adam Burkhammer’s platform, please visit his Facebook page ‘Burkhammer for Delegate’ at https://www.facebook.com/Burkhammer-for-Delegate-101215618041802/.


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