Buckhannon woman arrested for driving under the influence

BUCKHANNON — Following a traffic stop, a Buckhannon woman is facing a misdemeanor charge of Aggravated DUI.

While on duty, Patrolman J. Fisher noticed a vehicle, donning temporary West Virginia tags, traveling on South Kanawha Street. According to the complaint, the vehicle was reportedly “weaving, drifting, swerving, turning with wide radius, stopping problems, accelerating/decelerating rapidly, varying speeds, slow/failure to respond to officer’s signals, stopping in the lane for no reason, driving on other than designated roadway, and appearing impaired.” Following these incidents, the officer initiated his blue lights and performed a traffic stop on Fayette St.

In the complaint, Patrolman Fisher noted that the smell of alcohol was apparent after he approached the vehicle. Once talking to the defendant, identified as Sydney Danielle King, 28, of Buckhannon, the officer allegedly noticed “slurred speech, disorientation, drowsiness, incoordination, and droopy eyelids.” King admitted to the officer that she had likely had too much to drink.

The officer asked the driver to exit the vehicle to perform the standardized field sobriety test, according to the complaint. At this time, it was noted by the officer that the defendant showed signs of impairment. Following the standardized field sobriety test, a portable breath test administered to King, in which she yielded a .251% blood alcohol content (BAC) result. In the state of West Virginia, an impaired state includes anyone with a BAC of .08% or more. Therefore, the defendant was detained for suspicion of DUI and transported to the holding cell, per for the criminal complaint. An intoximeter was then administered to the defendant in which she yielded a .226% BAC. King was placed under arrest for Aggravated DUI.

According to WV Code §17C-5-2(f), if convicted, King faces two days to six months in jail, which is to include actual confinement of not less than 24 hours. She also faces a fine of $200 to $1,000 and shall have her license to operate a motor vehicle revoked by the Commissioner of the Division of Motor Vehicles for a period of one year or for a period of time conditioned on participation in the test and lock program in accordance with §17C-5A-3a of this code. Magistrate Mark Davis set a combined bond of $2,500.


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