Buckhannon-Upshur YBA breaks ground on field renovations

TENNERTON — The Buckhannon-Upshur Youth Baseball and Softball Association has announced that they have officially broken ground and started the planned $25,000 upgrade to their fields and facilities.  

John Egress, an integral leader and member for the Upshur County Youth Baseball and Softball Association organization, graciously took some time to explain the objectives the organization is looking to accomplish with the planned renovations, as well as how it will benefit the youth of Upshur County for generations to come, saying, 

“Our league and organization recently broke ground on several very nice field renovation projects. Our efforts are specifically targeted towards redoing two of our fields. Overall, I think that this endeavor will be very beneficial to local youth because it provides better athletic facilities, in hopes of staying competitive in the constantly evolving world of youth sports. Our league is all community involved and community-funded and these renovations are roughly a $25,000 investment, infusing our facilities with much-needed upgrades and to help with the maintenance.” 

“This year as a league we have been able to make great progress with updating the 8-under baseball and softball fields. Our leadership wants to continue moving forward with future upgrades and additions to our facilities, showing our commitment to the youth of the county. As a league some of the long-term goals we are aiming to accomplish are an indoor facility and lights on the softball field, both of which are rather expensive and will take a lot of work to make happen for our ball players. We are looking for parents interested in joining a fundraiser committee to help plan/organize fundraisers for our league. This is a big ask and some months will be more demanding than others, but if you are interested in joining this committee, please reach out to me. A date to first meeting will be forth coming, and a thank you in advance for your support, citizens of Upshur County.” 

Egress and the Upshur County Youth Baseball and Softball Association’s planned renovations will provide young Upshur County athletes an opportunity to safely play on quality fields and enjoy the great joys and camaraderie that the game of baseball allows. It is clear that this organization is passionate about their work and about their continued investment and involvement in guiding the community’s youth. Their planned renovations and upgraded will only allow them to better fulfill their commitment to their young athletics. 


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