Buckhannon-Upshur “Sport”-light: Tucker Hurst


BUCKHANNON — It is important to highlight the youth in Upshur County and the hard work they have put in to excelling in the sports they play. This series of articles will go in-depth with one of B-U’s student athletes, allowing readers to get to know a little more about who athletically represents the community. This week, Bucs senior combo guard Tucker Hurst, took time to give the community an inside look at his journey in Upshur County sports.

Question 1: How would you introduce yourself?

“I am a senior wrestler at Buckhannon-Upshur High School,” said Hurst.

Question 2: Can you describe your major highlights and achievements in sports in the past?

“I would have to say that going to states in wrestling and placing last season was probably the major highlight of my career so far. It was a different kind of atmosphere; it was really exciting. I enjoy being put up against good competition and for me it pushed me to be better. Winning the Frank Ferguson Brooke Classic this year was also a pretty cool experience,” described Hurst.

Question 3: What other clubs, teams or other extracurricular activities were you involved in high school, if any?

“Outside of wrestling, I was also a member of the B-UHS golf team,” explained Hurst.

Question 4: What motivated you to be a wrestler? What drew you to the sport of wrestling?

“I first got into wrestling because it was a challenge and I have been hooked ever since. I like going out on the mat to find out who the better wrestler is and who has put in the most work. One thing I don’t like is for people to outwork me, that is what drives me,” said Hurst.

Question 5: As someone that plays two individual sports, how much emphasis do you put on wins and losses?

“In wrestling, our coaches have taught our team not to focus on wins and losses. Instead, we work towards progression, the wins will come in time, with hard work. As for golf, you just have to move on and focus on the next shot, you can’t get caught up on mistakes you have already made,” explained Hurst.

Question 6: How long have you been wrestling? 

“I’ve been wrestling since I was a kid, so about 13 or 14 years. Once I got into high school wrestling, I had to relearn a lot of the basics since most of the things I had picked up through youth and middle school wrestling were wrong for me,” said Hurst.

Question 7: How would you describe your wrestling style? 

“I think that my wrestling style is basically work hard and wear the other guy out. Once I tire them out, I wait for them to slip up and make a mistake. As a wrestler, I’m not technical, I just use the moves I do know well to my advantage by having a good sense of when to make my move,” described Hurst.

Watch for next week’s edition of The Record Delta to see who is in the “sport”-light.


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