Buckhannon-Upshur “Sport”-light: Chloe Cale

Chloe Cale. KRISTEN HARVEY /The Record Delta

BUCKHANNON — It is important to highlight the youth in Upshur County and the hard work they have put in to excelling in the sports they play. This series of articles will go in-depth with one of B-U’s student athletes, allowing readers to get to know a little more about who athletically represents the community. This week, Lady Bucs Track standout, junior Chloe Cale, took time to give the community an inside look at her journey in Upshur County sports. 

Question 1: Describe your major highlights and achievements in sports in the past. What standouts out to you about your high school athletic career? 

“What stands out to me the most, when I look back on my achievements, would definitely be the 2021 State Track Meet my sophomore year. I went into the meet seated third for long jump and ended finishing in second place with a new personal record. A close second would be the sectional championship game against Bridgeport. Although we did not come off the field with a win, I saw my team support one another and I felt like an important asset to the team. I ended up scoring 2 goals and assisting the third,” said Cale. 

Question 2: What clubs, teams or other extracurricular activities have you been involved in during high school? 

“I am involved in National Honor Society, Buckhannon-Upshur Track and Field and the Lady Bucs Soccer Team,” explained Cale. 

Question 3: Why are you so passionate about playing sports? 

“I’ve been very competitive since a young age, my self determination to constantly do better as an athlete is why I’m so passionate about the sports I play. My family, especially my mom, is what drives me to compete. She is always there to support me and I do my best to make her proud,” stated Cale. 

Question 4: What is your favorite sport? What made it your favorite? What drew you to the sport? 

“If I had to choose between soccer and track, I would say soccer. I find that soccer is more laid back and enjoyable than track. Soccer was the first competitive sport I played and I instantly fell in love. Track is mostly an individual sport, so at times I do find myself missing the bonding of competing as a team,” said Cale. 

Question 5: How would your coaches and teammates describe you? - What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gained from a coach over your years playing any sport? 

“I believe my coaches and teammates would describe me as reliable, self-driven and very high spirited,” stated Cale. 

Question 6: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gained from a coach over your years playing any sport? 

“The most memorable and best piece of advice I’ve received from a coach would be from my youth soccer coach Dave Neely, he always told me ‘if you ever do any sport besides soccer, you better run track.’ Coach Neely always appreciated my talents and made me well aware of what I was capable of,” explained Cale. 

Question 7: How do you manage your athletic responsibilities and other outside recreational and non-recreational activities? 

“I manage my school work and part time job with sports by trying to not procrastinate. If I have school work, I will do it days in advance. Sports take up a lot of my free time so, if I find time to get school work done, I do it no matter when the due date is,” said Cale. 

Question 8: What’s the biggest lesson you have picked up from playing sports? 

“The biggest lesson I have learned is to keep pushing through no matter how hard times get. If at times I feel overwhelmed and defeated, I focus on the reason that I’m doing that particular task. I look back to celebrating victories with my team, getting new personal records, and satisfaction from finishing a hard workout and remember it’ll all be worth it in the end,” explained Cale.


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