Buckhannon Splashers win tri-meet with Club Mountaineer and Elkins

TENNERTON – Summer swimming isn’t supposed to be like this.

The Buckhannon Splashers along with Club Mountaineer (Morgantown) and Elkins met for a home tri-meet last Thursday at the high school pool.

The three teams had to swim in temperatures in the mid 50’s and the meet was called due to lightning with only 57 of the 80 events completed.

Buckhannon won the event in combined standings with 302 points while Elkins was second with 296 and Club Mountaineer was third with 138.

On the girls side, the Splashers took second with 138 points. Elkins won the event with 175 points while Club Mountaineer scored 112

The girls won 110 events.

They won five events in the 15-18-year-old division.

Cameron Zuliani won the 50-yard breaststroke and the 100-yard freestyle, McKenzie Reynolds won the 100-yard IM and Jenny Williams won the 50-yard backstroke.

The 200-yard freestyle mixed relay unit of Preston Bennett, Jenny Williams, Alayna Whitehair and Cameron Zuliani also was victorious.

Karson Karickhoff earned the lone 9-10-year-old division win taking the 25-yard breaststroke while Adelynn Anderson won the lone event in the U8 division in the 50-yard freestyle.

Buckhannon picked up three wins in the U6 division as Berkeley Jeran won the 25-yard breaststroke and the 50-yard freestyle while Hazel Malone won the 25-yard backstroke.

The boys brought home 11 titles.

In the 15-18-year-old division, Dane Ammons won the 50-yard backstroke while the foursome of Dane Ammons, Rhet Ammons, Jack Malone and Aiden Bender won the 200-yard freestyle relay.

The 13 and 14-year-olds won four events as Gavin Bender won the 50-yard backstroke and the 100-yard IM, Preston Bennett claimed the 50-yard breaststroke and the mixed foursome of Mylo Snyder, Mallory Hughes, Gavin Bender and Carter Zuliani won the 200-yard freestyle.

Carter Zuliani claimed a first in the 11-12-year-old 50-yard backstroke while Brody Jeran claimed three first places in the 9-10-year-old division in the 25-yard backstroke, the 25-yard freestyle and the 50-yard freestyle.

Landon Wright picked up the lone win in the U8 division taking first in the 25-yard backstroke.

The Splashers were scheduled to visit Clarksburg Country Club on Tuesday.

They will return to the pool Thursday at home against Barbour County at 6:30 p.m.





1. Elkins 175; 2. Buckhannon 138; 3. Club Mountaineer 112.

U6 25-yard backstroke – Hazel Malone (1st, 41.87); Kara Hildreth (3rd, 1:04.82).

U6 25-yard breaststroke – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 49.70); Kara Hildreth (2nd, 1:06.87).

U6 25-yard freestyle – Hazel Malone (2nd, 41.83); Kara Hildreth (3rd, 45.73).

U6 50-yard freestyle – Berkeley Jeran (1st, 1:00.17).

U8 25-yard backstroke – Hayden Anderson (2nd, 49.24).

U8 25-yard breaststroke – Hayden Anderson (3rd, 44.80); Maggie O’Neill (4th, 45.93).

U8 25-yard freestyle – Hayden Anderson (2nd, 38.92).

U8 50-yard freestyle – Adelynn Anderson (1st, 1:06.62); Maggie O’Neill (3rd, 1:26.32).

U8 100-yard freestyle relay – Kara Hildreth, Hazel Malone, Hayden Anderson, Berkeley Jeran (2nd, 2:28.21).

9-10 25-yard backstroke – Lena Rose Walker (3rd, 29.61); Norah Malone (6th, 36.17).

9-10 25-yard breaststroke – Karson Karickhoff (1st, 30.71); Piper Zickefoose (5th, 33.00).

9-10 25-yard freestyle – Karson Karickhoff (4th, 22.70).

9-10 50-yard freestyle – Lena Rose Walker (3rd, 59.62).

9-10 100-yard IM – Piper  Zickefoose (4th, 2:26.90); Lena Rose Walker (5th, 2:27.18).

9-10 100-yard freestyle relay – Karson Karickhoff, Lena Rose Walker, Norah Malone, Piper Zickefoose (3rd, 1:42.99).

11-12 50-yard backstroke – Mallory Hughes (4th, 50.99).

11-12 50-yard breaststroke – Mallory Hughes (2nd, 51.25).

11-12 100-yard IM – Mallory Hughes (5th, 1:47.91).

13-14 50-yard breaststroke – Alayna Whitehair (2nd, 42.10).

13-14 100-yard IM – Alayna Whitehair (2nd, 1:17.22).

15-18 50-yard backstroke – Jenny Williams (1st, 39.83); McKenzie Reynolds (2nd, 41.24); Beth O’Neill (5th, 1:03.80).

15-18 50-yard breaststroke – Cameron Zuliani (1st, 40.47); Beth O’Neill (4th, 1:22.94).

15-18 100-yard freestyle – Cameron Zuliani (1st, 1:06.09); Jenny Williams (2nd, 1:15.91).

15-18 100-yard IM – McKenzie Reynolds (1st, 1:26.55).

15-18 (mixed) 200-yard freestyle relay – Preston Bennett, Jenny Williams, Alayna Whitehair, Cameron Zuliani (1st, 2:09.46).



1. Buckhannon 164; 2. Elkins 121; 3. Club Mountaineer 26.

U8 25-yard backstroke – Landon Wright (1st, 30.20).

U8 25-yard breaststroke – Jackson Richards (2nd, 35.59); Parker Bennett (3rd, 36.59).

U8 25-yard freestyle – Jackson Richards (3rd, 25.59); Landon Wright (4th, 31.48).

U8 50-yard freestyle – Jackson Richards (2nd, 57.20); Parker Bennett (3rd, 1:03.45).

9-10 25-yard backstroke – Brody Jeran (1st, 21.20); Kenton Stump (4th, 38.11).

9-10 25-yard breaststroke – Riley Bender (2nd, 34.59); Kenton Stump (3rd, 41.31).

9-10 25-yard freestyle – Brody Jeran (1st, 17.21); Noah Smallridge (4th, 33.59)

9-10 50-yard freestyle – Brody Jeran (1st, 37.59); Kenton Stump (3rd, 1:06.21).

9-10 100-yard IM – Riley Bender (2nd, 2:38.28).

11-12 50-yard backstroke – Carter Zuliani (1st, 40.31).

11-12 50-yard breaststroke – Carter Zuliani (2nd, 49.59); Jeremy Allman (3rd, 57.08).

11-12 50-yard freestyle – Mylo Snyder (2nd, 53.59)

11-12 100-yard freestyle – Carter Zuliani (2nd, 1:12.43); Jeremy Allen (1:36.39).

11-12 100-yard IM – Jeremy Allman (2nd, 1:54.15); Mylo Snyder (3rd, 2:17.14).

13-14 50-yard backstroke – Gavin Bender (1st, 50.14); Aiden Bender (2nd, 1:01.25).

13-14 50-yard breaststroke – Preston Bennett (1st, 42.59); Gavin Bender (3rd, 57.22).

13-14 100-yard freestyle – Connor Wood (2nd, 1:24.47); Jack Malone (3rd, 1:38.53).

13-14 100-yard IM – Gavin Bender (1st, 1:534.49); Jack Malone (2nd, 2:02.54).

13-14 (mixed) 200-yard freestyle – Mylo Snyder, Mallory Hughes, Gavin Bender, Carter Zulaini (1st, 2:34.17).

15-18 50-yard backstroke – Dane Ammons (1st, 40.47); Rhet Ammons (53.24).

15-18 50-yard breaststroke – Rhet Ammons (2nd, 52.59).

15-18 100-yard freestyle – Dane Ammons (2nd, 1:15.34).

15-18 100-yard IM – Dane Ammons (3rd, 1:25.40).

15-18 200-yard freestyle – Dan Ammons, Rhet Ammons, Jack Malone, Aiden Bender (1st, 2:39.80).


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