Buckhannon Splashers fall in dual meet to Elkins

TENNERTON – The Buckhannon Swim Club Splashers lost a home dual meet to the Elkins Otters Swim Team last Thursday.

The girls lost a 183-85 verdict while the boys lost a 144-80 decision.

The girls were victorious in 11 events while claiming nine individual events and two relay events.

Earning victories were Tori Wilson (Under 6) taking three events, Aubry Shay (9-10) winning three events and  Rylee Yardley (11-12), McKenzie Reynolds (15-18) and Cameron Zuliani (15-18) each winning one race.

The two relay teams that were victorious were the girls/mixed 9-10 100-meter medley relay team of Aspen Manning, Marissa Stripling, Aubry Shay and Gareth Shay and the girls/mixed 15-18 200-meter freestyle relay foursome of Lillian Fetty, Cameron Zuliani, Preston Bennett and McKenzie Reynolds.

On the boys’ side, they claimed 14 events winning 12 individual races and two relay events.

Victorious were Preston Bennett (15-18) in three events, Felix Stump (7-8), Thomas Wilsoncroft (7-8) and Gareth Shay (9-10) in two events, and Warren Austin (7-8), Koby Jeran (11-12) and Carter Zuliani (13-14) each in one event.

The triumphant relay teams were same foursome of Felix Stump, Warren Austin, Rylan Bennett and Thomas Wilsoncroft in the 7-8 100-meter freestyle and 100-meter medley events.

The Splashers will be back in action today visiting Bridgeport County Club and will return home Thursday hosting Lake Floyd.



Elkins 183                   Buckhannon 85              

Under 6

25-meter backstroke – Tori Wilsoncroft (1st) 33.22.

25-meter freestyle – Tori Wilsoncroft (1st) 34.25.

50-meter freestyle – Tori Wisoncroft (1st) 1:26.61.

7-8 year-olds

25-meter backstroke – Aniyah Guady (DQ).

25-meter breaststroke – Kara Hildreth (DQ); Naomi Hibbs (DQ); Aniyah Guady (DQ).

25-meter butterfly – Kara Hildreth (DQ).

25-meter freestyle – Naomi Hibbs (3rd) 39.17; Aniyah Guady (4th) 48.93.

50-meter freestyle – Kara Hildreth (2nd) 1:26.65; Naomi Hibbs (3rd) 1:30.77.

100-meter freestyle relay – Tori Wilsoncroft, Aniyah Guady, Naomi Hibbs, Kara Hildreth (2nd) 2:46.01.

100-meter medley relay – Tori Wilsoncroft, Naomi Hibbs, Kara Hildreth, Aniyah Guady (DQ).

9-10 year-olds

25-meter backstroke – Mya Loudin (3rd) 30.33; Aspen Manning (4th) 30.35; Madison Cutright (5th) 40.01.

25-meter breaststroke – Aubry Shay (1st) 24.12; Marissa Stripling (5th) 32.80; My Loudin (DQ); Aspen Manning (DQ).

25-meter butterfly – Aubry Shay (1st) 20.07; Mya Loudin (5th) 35.99.

25-meter freestyle – Aspen Manning (3rd) 24.69; Madison Cutright (4th) 28.93; Mckenzie March (5th) 34.32.

50-meter freestyle – Marissa Stripling (3rd) 1:02.12; Madison Cutright (4th) 1:05.38; Mckenzie March (6th) 1:42.71.

100-yard IM – Aubry Shay (1st) 1:38.83; Marissa Stripling (5th) 2:30.73.

100-meter freestyle relay – Aubry Shay, Marissa Stripling, Aspen Manning, Gareth Shay (2nd) 1L29.57; Mya Loudin, Mckenzie March, Madison Cutright, Parker Bennett (4th) 2:01.16.

100-meter medley relay – Aspen Manning, Marissa Stripling, Aubry Shay, Gareth Shay (1st) 1:43.98.

11-12 year-olds

50-meter backstroke – Elizabeth Hurst (2nd) 1:07.08; Natalee White (4th) 1:44.66.

50-meter breaststroke – No entries.

50-meter butterfly – No entries.

50-meter freestyle – Rylee Yardley (1st) 47.52; Elizabeth Hurst (2nd) 58.30; Natalee White (4th) 1:09.94.

100-meter freestyle – Elizabeth Hurst (3rd) 2:08.95; Natalee White (5th) 2:31.95.

100-meter IM – No entries.

200-meter freestyle relay – Elizabeth Hurst, Natalee White, Sarah Setterlund, Koby Jeran (2nd) 3:28.93.

200-meter medley relay – Sarah Setterlund, Elizabeth Hurst, Natalee White, Koby Jeran (DQ).

13-14 year-olds

50-meter backstroke – No entries.

50-meter breaststroke – Sammie Shay (2nd) 1:48.11; Elly Jeran (3rd) 2:23.72.

50-meter butterfly – Mallory Hughes (2nd) 40.19; Sammie Shay (3rd) 42.74.

50-meter freestyle – Elly Jeran (3rd) 48.70.

200-meter freestyle – Mallory Hughes (3rd) 2:59.30.

200-meter IM – Sammie Shay (3rd) 3:33.41; Mallory Hughes (4th) 3:41.74.

200-meter freestyle relay – Elly Jeran, Mallory Hughes, Sammie Shay, Carter Zuliani (2nd) 2:29.00.

200-meter medley relay – Elly Jeran, Mallory Hughes, Sammie Shay, Carter Zuliani (2nd) 3:04.74.

15-18 year-olds

50-meter butterfly – Cameron Zuliani (2nd) 34.65; Lillian Fetty (4th) 45.35.

50-meter freestyle – McKenzie Reynolds (1st) 33.54; Lillian Fetty (2nd) 33.61.

100-meter backstroke – McKenzie Reynolds (3rd) 1:31.44.

100-meter breaststroke – Cameron Zuliani (1st) 1:30.42.

200-meter freestyle – Cameron Zuliani (2nd) 2:39.80; Lillian Fetty (3rd) 2:50.08.

200-meter IM – McKenzie Reynolds (2nd) 3:17.69.

200-meter freestyle relay – Lillian Fetty, Cameron Zuliani, Preston Bennett, McKenzie Reynolds (1st) 2:07.80.

200-yard medley relay – Preston Bennett, McKenzie Reynolds, Lillian Fetty, Cameron Zuliani (DQ).


Elkins 144                 Buckhannon 80

7-8 year-olds

25-meter backstroke – Felix Stump (1st) 32.44; Rylan Bennett (2nd) 43.71.

25-meter breaststroke – Warren Austin (1st) 53.98; Thomas Wilsoncroft (DQ).

25-meter butterfly – Felix Stump (1st) 35.11.

25-meter freestyle – Thomas Wilsoncroft (1st) 25.53; Felix Stump (2nd) 29.69; Warren Austin (3rd) 33.92; Rylan Bennett (5th) 51.90.

50-meter freestyle – Thomas Wilsoncroft (1st) 1:02.41; Warren Austin (2nd) 1:26.69; Rylan Bennett (3rd) 1:52.38.

100-meter freestyle relay – Felix Stump, Warren Austin, Rylan Bennett, Thomas Wilsoncroft (1st) 2:12.61.

100-meter medley relay – Rylan Bennett, Thomas Wilsoncroft, Felix Stump, Warren Austin (1st) 3:03.74.

9-10 year-olds

25-meter backstroke – Gareth Shay (1st) 25.08; Parker Bennett (4th) 30.31.

25-meter breaststroke – Gareth Shay (3rd) 29.96; Parker Bennett (4th) 30.57.

25-meter butterfly – No entries.

25-meter freestyle – No entries.

50-meter freestyle – Gareth Shay (1st) 48.36; Parker Bennett (3rd) 50.92.

100-meter IM – No entries.

100-meter freestyle relay – No entries.

100-meter medley relay – No entries.


50-meter backstroke – Kenton Stump (3rd) 1:11.99; Koby Jeran (4th) 1:14.53; Noah Smallridge (DQ).

50-meter breaststroke – No entries.

50-meter butterfly – No entries.

50-meter freestyle – Koby Jeran (1st) 44.31; Kenton Stump (4th) 51.65; Noah Smallridge (6th) 1:13.22.

100-meter freestyle – Noah Smallridge (4th) 2:50.08.

100-meter IM – Kenton Stump (DQ); Koby Jeran (DQ).

200-meter freestyle relay – No entries.

200-meter medley relay – No entries.


50-meter backstroke – No entries.

50-meter butterfly – Carter Zuliani (1st) 31.03.

50-meter freestyle – No entries.

100-meter breaststroke – Carter Zuliani (2nd) 1:30.02.

200-meter freestyle – No entries.

200-meter IM – Carter Zuliani (2nd) 2:47.6.

200-yard freestyle relay – No entries.

200-yard medley relay – No entries.


50-meter butterfly – Preston Bennett (1st) 29.82; Owen Caynor (4th) 42.18.

50-meter freestyle – No entries.

100-meter backstroke – No entries.

100-meter breaststroke – Preston Bennett (1st) 1:24.35; Owen Caynor (3rd) 1:32.94.

200-meter freestyle – Preston Bennett (1st) 2:07.99; Owen Caynor (4th) 2:38.39.

200-meter IM – No entries.

200-meter freestyle relay – No entries.

200-meter freestyle relay – No entries.



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