Buckhannon native creates affordable telemedicine option

BUCKHANNON — About a year ago, Buckhannon native Brent Adams began a telehealth company out of Austin, Texas that he believes will benefit patients during the pandemic and beyond.

Adams and co-owner Verndun Samuel reportedly found a gap in coverage for healthcare and decided to create a solution. “If they can afford health insurance through their employer, they usually have a high deductible. Before your benefits really start kicking in, you have to meet your deductible,” he explained. Thus, Adams and Samuel founded Telemedicine Gurus.

Through Telemedicine Gurus, members pay a monthly subscription, similar to that of Netflix or a gym membership, Adams related. This membership includes a virtual care network with unlimited access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to medical and behavioral health visits. Their mission is “We strive to make healthcare affordable, accessible and convenient for everyone.” Adams added, “It’s healthcare you can afford.” Being a member allows individuals access to licensed family and general practice physicians, as well as master’s level therapists with access in all 50 states.

This monthly membership covers the individual and up to seven dependents. It also includes a prescription discount program via RX Valet. This discount program can reportedly save members up to 80% or more on prescriptions.

Telemedicine Gurus is not insurance, Adams noted; however, it is a platform that provides individuals and their dependents with access to quality care for non-emergent medical and behavioral health virtual visits. Unlimited virtual visits are offered at one low monthly price of $18.95—no copays, no deductibles and it covers up to eight family members, from infants to senior citizens. Adams explained this low-cost alternative is possible due to the low overhead costs with a virtual health system.

On the medical side of this program, qualified healthcare professionals are primarily utilized for acute care issues such as cold and flu symptoms, rash and skin irritations, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, sinus problems, pink eye, bronchitis, allergies, and ear infections. Individuals with chronic illnesses such as diabetes should continue visiting their regular physician, Adams added. However, if a subscriber is out of town and needs a prescription refill, members have access to Telemedicine Gurus’ physicians who may be able to refill the prescription. “Someone can be traveling to Myrtle Beach or Arizona and call in or use our app, and they can have a visit with one of our providers,” he elaborated.

On the behavioral health side, members can speak with Telemedicine Gurus’ licensed therapists anytime, from anywhere, for issues like death of a loved one, relationship issues, parenting issues, major illness, substance abuse, depression, stress and anxiety, financial stress, etc. “I personally think that is the biggest benefit to this… There’s a stigma of maybe going to a therapist sometimes, but this makes it convenient, and you don’t even have to go to an office,” Adams mentioned.

Telemedicine Gurus currently have an ample number of providers in West Virginia. The typical wait time to speak with a physician or licensed counselor is less than 20 minutes. For West Virginia residents, Adams is currently offering a discount on the monthly subscription. If resident use coupon code ‘WOW20’, the monthly subscription is only $14.95. Adams said he offers this because as a Buckhannon and West Virginia native, he loved where he grew up and has a passion for helping people. “I know how important it is for people to save money,” he explained. Adams is a 1988 graduate from Buckhannon-Upshur High School and a graduate of Marshall University. His parents and sister still reside in Upshur County.

For more information, visit www.telemedicinegurus.com or email [email protected] They also have an app available, compatible with most smartphones. Telemedicine Gurus are HIPPA compliant and pride themselves in providing affordable, convenient, and accessible medical and behavioral health visits to residents of all 50 states.


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