Buckhannon man graduates from Upshur County Drug Court

BUCKHANNON — The Upshur County Drug Court held a special graduation ceremony for Upshur County resident Thomas Lowe.

Circuit Court Judge Kurt Hall spoke on Lowe, stating, “I have observed profound changes in Thomas, including that he is co-parenting his children and has taken on the parenting role and doing it on a mature level.” Judge Hall continued to report that Lowe has been drug free for 786 days.

“Thomas is 27 years old. He is young and is not behind. He has things to be proud of, including his Volkswagen GTI. People that are in active addiction do not have possessions like that. Thomas is not going to lose them now. He has a good job and is doing well. I’m very proud.” said Judge Hall. “Thomas may have wasted time during addiction, but that wasted time can be turned into a positive testimony and be able to change other lives around you.”

Lowe was then presented with his certificate of completion and stood proudly with both Judge Hall and Judge Jacob Reger.

“I can tell you that Thomas does not look like the same guy and I’m very proud of him,” Judge Reger spoke about Lowe’s graduation. “Even though he graduates today, he will need continued support and we are all here to support you. Keep up the good work.”

“I could not have done this without this program. Everyone that is part of the program has become like family to me,” Lowe said.

Drug Court Probation Officer Erica Morris said, “I have known Thomas for two years and let me tell you, he can be a stubborn guy. However, he took that stubbornness and channeled it in a good way. He started to take suggestions and even started to give others advice. He is pleasant to be around. He is reliable and hard-working and one heck of a mechanic. Keep it up, keep up the good work with being a good day. I’m proud of you.”

Following the ceremony, court was recessed for a luncheon to honor Lowe’s success.


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