Buckhannon Fitness Center goes green

BUCKHANNON – Belinda Lewis is all about helping people. She is dedicated to making people healthier and now making the environment healthier too.

Belinda leads all types of fitness classes at Buckhannon Fitness Center, all the while working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotions. “We were assigned to implement a few projects for class, and I decided on two projects,” Belinda said. “One was my skinny jeans project, and the other was this recycling project. I am the lead on this graduate project and I’m a non-traditional student,” Belinda said proudly. “And I graduate from Glenville State College on May 18.”

She went on to explain how she saw a need in the gym to recycle drink bottles. “We have lots of members who drink out of water bottles and drink bottles while working out, and we were just throwing them away. “So, we purchased bins and labeled them and set them up in the gym for recycling,” Belinda said.  “I started to talk to gym members about recycling their water bottles, and people were very willing to participate,” she said. “Now we recycle newspapers, magazines, glass, and plastic.”

Belinda states the center typically recycles  two garbage bags of recycling per week. “What started out as a school project has now turned into a totally different way of processing waste in our facility,” Belinda said. “I appreciate everyone participating and embracing this project. It works because we all work it together,” Belinda said.

Belinda is a firecracker. She is always thinking about health consciousness and is very outgoing, welcoming, and helpful. She was very willing to help explain to members how to use the machines during the visit. She also explained that she teaches group fitness classes for all types of fitness levels at the gym.

In keeping with the April is “Make it Shine Month” Belinda did mention that along with recycling at BFC, she takes pride in the fact that gym cleanliness is of the utmost importance. “We are always keeping the space clean because we care about the health and safety of our members.” She makes sure everyone who visits the fitness center feels, welcome, comfortable, and respected. She also wants her gym members to know she is, “Crazy, but not dangerous.” Anyone who knows Belinda will understand what she means.


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