BuckhanaCon hosts annual event at Stockert Youth and Community Center

BUCKHANNON — The fifth annual BuckhanaCon, and the first in-person event post-pandemic, organized by owner Catherine Fultz, took place at the Stockert Youth and Community Center on Saturday, June 11.

Along with the many vendors selling art, collectibles and food, notable attendees included West Virginia’s own Captain Jack Sparrow, Clarksburg-based lightsaber dueling group Order of Centauri Prime and local fire group Out of the Ashes. Visitors were able to take photos with Captain Sparrow and learn how to properly duel with sabers.

BuckhanaQuest was also hosted during the event. Each participant had to locate different items throughout the venue, with some being held by vendors and others tactically roaming volunteers. Those items would then be returned to the “alchemist” located at the front of the venue. This person would in turn “brew a potion,” which resulted in a prize for participants to take home.

Local caricature artist and council member J.R. Earls was present for the event and offered amazing drawings formatted in different themes.

If you missed out on this year’s events, be sure to look out for future announcements on the BuckhanaCon Facebook page and in The Record Delta.


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