BSC Splashers look sharp instorm-shortened home-meet

TENNERTON — The Splashers of the Buckhannon Swimming Club (BSC) continue to impress in the early stages of the 2022 Summer season, as they largely got the best of their Club Mountaineer Swimming counterparts in a storm-shortened home meet back on Thursday, June 16. 

Even as the competition was called early, things were looked promising for the BSC Splashers in their head-to-head match-up against Club Mountaineer. Combined the Splashers won 29 out of the 44 events that were ran last Thursday. 

The Splasher girls took home 16 total event wins, with 11 individual wins coming in individual competition, while 5 relay teams picked up the other five event wins. 

Cora Cottrill was arguably the 

Splashers girl’s standout star of the evening, as she collected a pair of wins to lead the way in number of individual event wins. Cottrill earned victories in the 9-10 year old 25-meter Backstroke with a blazing fast time of 21.54 seconds before picking up her second win in the 9-10 year old 50-meter Freestyle, with another superb time of time of just 37.34 seconds. 

The Mountain State’s top-ranked high school swimming prospect and University of Alabama commit Cadence Vincent evidenced why she earned that title against Club Mountaineer, taking the 15-18 year old 100-meter Freestyle with a time of 57.54 seconds before picking up her second event win of the day to tie with Cottrill for the team lead in event wins Thursday evening, as she paced the field of 15 to 18 year old girls in the 50-meter Backstroke with a time of 30.65 seconds. 8 year old Naomi Hibbs evidenced why she is such a promising young swimmer as she won the 50-meter Freestyle with a time of 1:19.71. 

The Splasher boys didn’t get to run the full gambit of relay events, yet still had two relay pairings come away with wins. Individually, the boys had more opportunities to compete and took full advantage with the boys collectively winning 11 individual events. The Splasher boys were lead in part by another top-ranked high school swimming prospect, as Preston Bennett made waves in the weather shortened meet with a stellar showing in the 15-18 year old age division’s 100-meter IM with a time of 1:06.65. 

Rising 10-year old Gareth Shay had a strong meet in his age division, picking up wins in both the 50-meter Freestyle with a time of 43.47 seconds and the 25-meter Backstroke to pace the Splasher boys in wins. 

Two young Splasher boys that Buckhannon-Upshur swimming enthusiasts need to keep an eye on for the future are 5-year old Gentry Roy and 8-year old Holden Cabrera   Roy win the 6-and-under 25-meter Breaststroke with a time of 1:16.03, while Cabrera took home the win in the 8-and-under 50-meter Freestyle with a time of 1:16.21. 

Check out the full list of the top performances for BSC Splashers against Club Mountaineer Swimming below:

Girls 8-and-under 100-meter Free Relay

Valerie Long (7)

Hallie Austin (6)

Lexcie Roy (8)

Naomi Hibbs (8)

Time: 2:59.99

Girls 9-10 100-meter Free Relay

Kara Hildreth (9)

Marishka Ware (9)

Hayden Anderson (10)

Cora Cottrill (10)

Time: 1:36.77

Boys 9-10 100 Meter Free Relay

Gareth Shay (10)

Tucker Cabrera (10)

Warren Austin (9)

Kyler Baisden (9)

Time: 1:39.85

Girls 11-12 200-meter Free Relay

Aspen Manning (11)

Mya Loudin (11)

Natalee White (12)

Aubry Shay (11)

Time: 3:23.00

Girls 13-14 200-meter Free Relay

Sammie Shay (14)

Karson Karickhoff (13)

Rylee Yardley (13)

Mallory Hughes (14)

Time: 2:29.72

Girls 15-18 200-meter Free Relay

Alayna Whitehair (17)

Lillian Fetty (16)

Cate O’Neill (15)

Cadence Vincent (17)

Time: 2:08.38

Boys 15-18 200-meter Free Relay

Reis Leonard (17)

Landon Wiant (15)

Carter Zuliani (15)

Preston Bennett (17)

Time: 2:00.25

Girls 8-and-under 50-meter Free

Naomi Hibbs (8)

Time: 1:19.71

Boys 8-and-under 50-meter Free

Holden Carbera (8)

Time: 1:16.21

Girls 9-10 50-meter Free

Cora Cottrill (10)

Time: 37.34 seconds

Boys 9-10 50-meter Free

Gareth Shay (10)

Time: 43.47 seconds 

Girls 13-14 100-meter Free

Mallory Hughes (14)

Time: 1:13.23

Girls 15-18 100-meter Free

Cadence Vincent (17)

Time: 57.54 seconds

Boys 15-18 100-meter Free

Reis Leonard (17)

Time: 1:08.84

Girls 6-and-under 25-meter Backstroke

Hallie Austin (6)

Time: 59.99 seconds 

Girls 9-10 25-meter Backstroke

Cora Cottrill (10)

Time: 21.54 seconds

Boys 9-10 25-meter Backstroke

Gareth Shay (10)

Time: 22.52 seconds

Girls 11-12 50-meter Backstroke

Aubry Shay (11)

Time: 43.11 seconds

Girls 13-14 50-meter Backstroke

Sammie Shay (14)

Time: 42.40 seconds

Girls 15-18 50 Meter Backstroke

Cadence Vincent (17)

Time: 30.65 seconds

Boys 15-18 50-meter Backstroke

Preston Swift (15)

Time: 46.72 seconds

Boys 13-14 100-meter IM

Brody Jeran (13)

Time: 1:22.80

Girls 15-18 100-meter IM

Alayna Whitehair (17)

Time: 1:14.28

Boys 15-18 100-meter IM

Preston Bennett (17)

Time: 1:06.65

Boys 6-and-under 25-meter Breaststroke 

Gentry Roy (5)

Time: 1:16.03

Girls 9-10 25-meter Breaststroke

Hayden Anderson (10)

Time: 37.50 seconds


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