Brothers busted for theft

BUCKHANNON — Two brothers remain in custody for a sequence of Saturday crimes.  Gary Lynn Palmer, age 62, of Shinnston, WV, faces charges for grand larceny, conspiracy, and possession of a controlled substance. His brother, Robert Glen Palmer, age 53, of Canton, OH, also stands accused of grand larceny and conspiracy, according to court documents.

The criminal complaint alleged that the two men made an attempt to steal a saw around noon on the Old Weston Road, in the vicinity of Criss Sales and Service. The two brothers had entered the store earlier and spoke with the owner about a Husqvarna model k760 cement saw that was for sale at a price of $1,219.00.  The report said as the owner had his back partially turned, both men grabbed the saw and ran outside. The owner reportedly yelled at them to come back, but they made their way to a waiting vehicle. However, in their attempt to flee at a high rate of speed, the saw fell from the vehicle and was recovered by the owner. 

Sr. Trooper Robinette and Deputy Caynor responded to the situation. Upshur County Communications alerted that two males had fled the scene in a green Chevy Impala headed west towards the Brushy Fork crossroad. Immediately after, a 911 caller reported a vehicle matching the suspect’s car involved in a crash at the intersection of Old Weston Road and the Brushy Fork crossroad. Two unidentified males reportedly ran from the scene headed west on the railroad tracks.

Soon after, Robinette noticed a man matching the Comm Center’s description appear from a weeded area roughly .25 miles west of the crash site. He reportedly ventured about 200 yards south of Old Weston Road in a grassy area, when the officer observed the man remove his shirt and lie down in attempt to hide. The officer confronted the man who observably had an excessive amount of sweat and stated that he was only trying to hitchhike. The officer conducted a safety search on the individual who was later identified as Gary Palmer. During the search, the officer discovered a white crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine. Palmer stated he found the clear baggy that contained the white crystal substance on the ground and that he too believed it to be methamphetamine. 

The officer inquired the whereabouts of the other individual who was with him during the crash. Palmer reportedly said he was the passenger of the car and the driver was a stranger that picked him up while he was hitchhiking. A field test of the white crystal-like substance was also conducted that did test positive for methamphetamine. It was later determined by Caynor, after investigation of the incident, that the driver of the vehicle was the suspect’s brother, Robert Palmer.

The brothers remain at Tygart Valley Regional Jail in lieu of bond set by Magistrate Mike Coffman in the amount of $55,000 for Gary Palmer and $50,000 for Robert Palmer.  They are prohibited from having any further contact with Criss Sales.


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