Breanna Morgan signs to continue athletic career at Glenville State

Breanna Morgan, seated center on the front row, signed to continue her golf career at Glenville State College at a recent ceremony at Buckhannon-Upshur High School. With Morgan on the front row are her parents, Shana and Dale Morgan. The back row is Buckhannon-Upshur athletic direcotr Rick Reynolds and Buckhannon-Upshur golf coach Jason Westfall.

TENNERTON – For Buckhannon-Upshur senior Breanna Morgan, she is the epitome of, “You never know what will happen until you try.”

Morgan had never really played the game of golf, or for that matter ever picked up a club, until this past fall when she joined the Buccaneer golf team.

Now she is going to have the opportunity to play the sport at the collegiate level after signing a letter of intent to continue her golf game at Glenville State College.

“I never imagined I would go to college and play golf on a scholarship,” remarked Morgan. “I just can’t wait to see what this fall has in store for me.”

Morgan said it was the encouragement from her grandfather, Waytman Bosley, that led her to the game initially.

“He really encouraged and inspired me to play,” she remarked. “He wanted me to get involved in the game. So, after playing a few rounds,  I decided I enjoyed  the game and decided to go out for the high school team. I never dreamed it would turn into a scholarship at the collegiate level.”

When Morgan decided to go out for the team, she had the unique opportunity to not only be the only female on the team, but the only senior on the squad as well, where she wound up taking a leadership role.

As captain of the Buckhannon-Upshur cheerleading squad too, she said it was a role she embraced on the golf team.

“I didn’t have a lot of nerves going in because of my role on the cheerleading squad,” said Morgan. “I think I have good leaderships skills. In all the organizations I have been in, I have always been the older girl or the ambassador. So, it was easier for me to take in. As far as joining a team of all boys that was absolutely nuts, but they welcomed me in and became part of my family by the end of the season.”

Morgan joked that she will have to get use to playing on a girls team while at Glenville State.

“I am going to have to get use to the fact that I will being playing golf on a girls’ team,” she joked. “I will get to hang out with the girls this time.”

Morgan also gave a lot of credit to her head coach Jason Westfall this past season for encouraging her to play and making the transition to the game and her new team an easy one.

“I am very proud Breanna,” remarked Westfall. “This is a very special time for her. She really came out of no where for the golf team. I knew she was interested in the game a little bit, but she really picked up the game as a senior. She had the courage as the lone female to join the team. It had to be a daunting task to come in as a senior and try to compete in a sport at a high level. She did an excellent job for us. She was a mature leader for us, and she did a great job of being composed on the golf course. She isn’t afraid to try something new. She has a vision and goals on where she wants to be.”

Morgan said she hopes she can be an inspiration for other girls to get involved with the game of golf.

“I hope other girls do get interested in the sport,” remarked Morgan. “This was a life-changing sport for me. I only played for one year and was able to get a scholarship. I hope this will inspire another girl from the high school or middle school to want to take up the sport.”

Morgan will move to a Pioneer team that finished seventh in the Fall Mountain East Conference Championships and boasts a roster with Freshman of the Year Kendall Wall, but she stated it was the academic reputation of Glenville State that lured her to the campus.

“The main reason I wanted to go to Glenville State was for my education first,” noted Morgan. “I love environmental science and they have one of the best programs in the state. It’s what led me to Glenville State.”

Morgan said she plans to earn a double major while at Glenville State in biology and natural resource management with a concertation on environmental science.

Morgan also said the rural nature of the campus is something that she will enjoy.

“I come from Helvetia, so I like that that I will still be in a rural community and a smaller school where I can focus on my sports and my education,” she stated.”

Morgan said she will also continue her cheerleading career at Glenville State as well as playing golf for the Pioneers.

“I hope to take my Buccaneer spirt to Glenville State  College and help both the cheerleading squad and the golf team,” concluded Morgan.


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