Brady retires after 40 years of service

BUCKHANNON ­­— For more than 40 years Troy “Buddy” Brady, III, has served the citizens of Upshur County. With the final days of 2018 approaching, Dec. 31 will also mark the end of Brady’s six-year term as county commissioner.

   Brady began his career in public service as county constable prior to becoming a Deputy with the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department in 1977. He said that most of his time in law enforcement was spent working as an investigator.

   “I handled most of the investigations,” Brady said. “There is no one that has worked more hours, put in more time or cleared any more investigations than I have. I’ve always did the best I could for the citizens of Upshur County and I’m very proud of that.”

   After being elected Upshur County Commissioner in 2013, Brady said his goal was always to represent the residents of Upshur County. He believes he has accomplished that.

   “When I leave here in a few days this county is financially better off than it was six years ago,” he said. “We have not created any new debt. When the new commissioner comes in here they won’t be strapped with paying bills. We’ve saved tax payers several thousands of dollars by being conservative and addressing bills. It’s just amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

   “I’m proud as I leave here knowing this county is better financially than it has ever been. I’m very proud of that.”

   Brady considered himself to be the most conservative commissioner, and mentioned he had even turned down the county health insurance during his term.

   “Just for the insurance, that saved tax payers $60,000,” he noted.

   According to Brady, the only bill the county currently owes is for the Upshur County E-911 Communication Center. He also praised the work of his colleagues by saying it was a team effort and the grant work that was done had been extremely helpful to the county.

   As Brady eases into retirement he does plan to continue on a couple of boards within the community. Mayor David McCauley previously announced that City of Buckhannon would add Brady as the eleventh member to the Stockert Youth & Community Center Board of Directors. Originally, the board only had 10 members.

   “What a plus factor that was to be honored and for the city to create a slot,” Brady said. “As commissioner, I sat on the Stockert Youth Board and it was one of the best boards I was on. For city council and the mayor to create another slot just to keep me on the board, well I must be doing something right.”

   Brady plans to spend his retirement traveling and enjoying his hobbies. However, he has not completely dismissed the idea of potentially running for office again one day.

   “I have been asked to run for a couple different offices,” he noted. “But for now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy retirement.”

    “It has been an absolute, outstanding pleasure to serve the citizens of Upshur County over the past 44 years and I will miss them. It was amazing the friends I developed over the years. It’s just priceless.”


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