BPD Chief Gregory awards officers with CALEA Accreditation at City Council meeting

BUCKHANNON — During the City Council meeting on Thursday evening, Buckhannon Police Department’s Chief Matthew Gregory presented his department with their official CALEA Accreditation, a vigorous process that had been in the works for over 4 years.

CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) was founded in the late 1970s on the foundation of credentialing authority in public safety agencies across America. After Chief Matt Gregory attended a CALEA conference near the end of 2017, he was reportedly inspired by their mission and decided to “seek professional excellence.” After years of familiarizing, studying, and striving to do their very best work—Buckhannon Police Department has finally received official certificates and pins signifying their CALEA accreditation, and compliance with over 200 CALEA standards. Buckhannon Police Department is now one of only two CALEA accredited police departments in West Virginia—the other being Parkersburg Police Department.

Chief Gregory, reflecting on his hard work and dedication with the processes, explained, “So what does all of this mean? Why go through all of this effort? Is the reason for all of this work just to have a fancy certificate to hang on the wall? These are all questions I have heard on many different occasions, and the answer is quite simple. I have said this many times before and it is a saying I picked up early on in my CALEA journey—a saying which itself is worth repeating several times over. Accreditation is not about the destination, but about the journey itself. It is an ongoing pathway to professional excellence, because at the end of the day and what lies at the very core of what we do as police officers, the standards of CALEA are the right thing to do. These professional ideas are what the citizens whom we serve and protect deserve, as it ensures that our values of integrity, professionalism, respect, fairness, compassion, and being community-oriented are upheld on a daily basis.”

To honor their achievement, all members of the Buckhannon Police Department earned a Police Star medal, and the CALEA achievement ribbon. Chief Gregory also awarded Certificates of Recognition to Mayor Robbie Skinner, Recorder Randy Sanders, Financial Director Amberle Jenkins, City Attorney Tom O’Neill, and Councilman CJ Rylands for the vital role they played in helping BPD reach the gold standard of public safety.


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