BOE seeks custodians, offers remote learning

BUCKHANNON — Additional substitute custodians are currently needed in Upshur County Schools to properly prepare for the transition of learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  Wellness and Child Nutrition Director Eddie Vincent stated, “We are expanding our school system to make sure we are clean and sanitized… Our custodial staff is great, but the demands of this transition and the way we are going back to school is going to require a lot more work.”  They will eventually hire more full-time staff from the pool of substitute and part-time custodians, Vincent explained. 

Although there is going to be a strong demand for all personnel, the emphasis is currently on school sanitation and cleanliness.  Some schools are going to go from one and a half custodians to two full time positions.  There is going to be a tremendous amount of added duties and responsibilities; therefore, the current pressing need is for substitute custodians, according to Vincent. 

If you are interested in joining a team of child-centered personnel who help create a positive, sanitary environment for all who enter the school buildings, call the Upshur County Board Office at (304) 472-5480. 

If parents/guardians are still uncomfortable sending their kids into school buildings this fall, Upshur County students will have the opportunity to participate in remote, virtual learning.  “Upshur County is a very supportive community that values education,” said Superintendent Dr. Sara Stankus.  She assured that the local school system is committed to providing a safe and quality education for all students.  Dr. Stankus added, “Parents have a right to choose how their children are educated.  We want to support their choices by offering viable options.”

To fill out an application for virtual learning, apply through the link provided on Upshur County Schools Facebook page or by following:  

Online enrollment began Monday, July 20 at 8 a.m.; however, students can continue to enroll even after the tentative return to school date of September 8.  The Upshur County BOE is understanding and aware of the fluctuating needs that may occur during this transition. 

For more information regarding schooling options for the 2020-2021 school year, contact the Upshur County BOE office or follow their Facebook page, “Upshur County Schools West Virginia.”    


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