BOE, City agree on structure razing of Victoria St. property

9 East Victoria Street

TENNERTON — A document was presented at the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, July 6 regarding a letter of agreement between the City of Buckhannon and Upshur County Board of Education for the structure razing of 9 East Victoria Street.

The letter was presented by the Upshur County Board of Education and is dated Thursday, June 9, 2022, to Dr. Sara Lewis-Stankus from the City of Buckhannon. The letter revealed that “The City of Buckhannon supports the mission of the Upshur County Board of Education.” It also states various aspects of the agreement regarding the property.

The letter begins, “Dear Dr. Stankus, The purpose of this letter is to serve as an agreement by which the Upshur County Board of Education and the City of Buckhannon will undertake the labor to raze a structure located upon certain board property, being that structure located adjacent to Buckhannon Academy Elementary School at 9 East Victoria Street and identified on the record of the Assessor of Upshur County as being Corporation District, Map 10, Parcel 42 (the “Subject Property”), in exchange for certain assurances from the board.”

The document continues with the City of Buckhannon agreeing “to undertake the razing of the property, including the costs associated with labor associated debris removal (except for any tipping fees or third-party costs the City may incur to dispose of any refuse generated by the razing or any materials located within the structure, which the Board will reimburse to the City). The board was also requested to hold the City harmless for any damages incurred by any party as a result of the City’s activities on board property.”

It is also noted that the board be responsible for all necessary permits and authorizations for the razing and to secure funds for any required testing including asbestos and to provide abatement on the Subject Property prior to the commencement of the City’s work.

Furthermore, it is noted that the City agreed, “Once the structure is razed, it will grade and level the Subject Property in preparation for the board’s final preparation of the Subject Property as an extension of the physical plant for Buckhannon Academy Elementary School, including its use as student recreational space.”

The document stated, “Please indicate your assent to the terms of this agreement, and intent to be bound thereto, by signing below.” The document was signed by Dr. Sara Lewis-Stankus.


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