Body Armor MMA embarks on 4x4x48 run to “Tap-Out Multiple Sclerosis”

BUCKHANNON — Members of a local gym, Body Armor Mixed Martial Arts, recently embarked on a very challenging fundraiser to “Tap-Out Multiple Sclerosis.” Two men, owner Chad Marsh and member James Jamison completed a unique event: they ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. All this with the objective to raise money for a close friend and fellow Jiu Jitsu practitioner who has been recently diagnosed with MS.

Marsh posted the challenge, created by retired Navy SEAL and ultra-athlete David Goggins, on his various social media platforms, asking if anyone would be interested in donating to the cause. He was astounded at the interest in the project and the initial amounts committed. The current total has surpassed all expectations and is still growing as the remainder of the donations are collected. 

The men completed the grueling challenge over the New Year’s holiday, beginning at 8am January 1st and concluding at 4am January 3rd. When asked, Marsh said,” The weather was not optimal, to say the least. It was very cold, and we had rain each session. The final 4am run it was snowing and only 21 degrees.”

Marsh was clear, that while this challenge was very difficult, it is insignificant in comparison to the challenges those with MS face. “This is much bigger than us. The lack of sleep and fatigue took its toll, but we were able to draw motivation from the goal we set out towards accomplishing. It’s hard for us, but we have to remember to think of others and the hardships they are facing.” 

Marsh would like to express his gratitude to all the businesses and individuals for their thoughtful contributions. “Your selfless donations are going to go a long way towards helping a valued member of our community. I also want to thank everyone who joined me in this challenge,” says Marsh. “James Jamison did such a fantastic job completing the whole 48 miles with me, as well as many others who participated and put in a considerable number of miles.” 


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