Bobcat, Lady ‘Cat swimmers beat FSU in dual away meet

FAIRMONT – The West Virginia Wesleyan swim teams continue to roll during the regular season as both the men’s and women’s teams were victorious over the Fairmont State Falcons in a dual meet Saturday afternoon.

The women won by a narrow 106-97 margin while the men downed the Falcons by a 119-74 score.

The Lady ‘Cats won just four of the 11 events but strung together enough runner-up and third-place finishes to get past the Lady Falcons.

Earning the individual firsts were Rylee Jackson in the 50-yard freestyle (25.42) and the 100-yard butterfly (1:03.28) and Kay Lange in the 1000-yard freestyle (11:57.05).

The other win was earned by the 200-yard freestyle relay team.

Getting runner-up honors were Anna Puigvert in the 50-yard freestyle (26.13) and the 100-yard freestyle (58.76), Kay Lange in the 200-yard breaststroke (2:40.95), Megan Choffin in the 200-yard IM (2:26.70) and the 500-yard freestyle (5:42.73) and the 400-yard medley relay team (4:22.71).

On the men’s side, the ‘Cats claimed seven events.

Arthur Assfeld claimed two individual events, the 50-yard freestyle (22.52) and the 100-yard backstroke (55.17), while Nathan Swalley won the 100-yard butterfly (54.92), Logan Knoyer claimed the 100-yard freestyle (50.42), Michael Alpine took the 500-yard freestyle (5:10.76) and Dan Williams took the title in the 1000-yard freestyle (11:41.82).

The other first belonged to the Wesleyan 200-yard freestyle team with a time of 1:32.18.

The Bobcats claimed six second-place finishes.

Marc Bennett took second in the 100-yard freestyle (51.54) and the 200-yard IM (2:08.61), Dominik Schopper in the 200-yard breaststroke (2:16.36), Knoyer in the 200-yard freestyle (1:51.96), Tal Sutton in the 1000-yard freestyle (12:11.56) and the Wesleyan-A 400-yard medley relay team (3:46.35).

Both teams will return to action Friday when they visit Salem for a dual meet at 6 p.m.


Wesleyan 106      Fairmont State 97

50-yard freestyle – Rylee Jackson (1st, 25.42); Anna Puigvert (2nd, 26.13); Kennedy Stallworth (5th, 29.91), Emily Nutter (7th, 32.62); Alayna Thompson (8th 32.72).

100-backstroke – Ashton Cole (2nd, 1:05.42); Sarah Noll (3rd, 1:05.50); Kylee Savage (4th, 1:13.75).

100-butterfly – Rylee Jackson (1st, 1:03.28); Ryann Katz (4th, 1:09.93); Samantha Segrest (5th, 1:12.12).

100-yard freestyle – Anna Puigvert (2nd, 58.76); Emily Kroll (3rd, 1:01.46); Alayna Thompson (5th, 1:07.81).

200-yard breaststroke – Kay Lange (2nd, 2:40.95); Alyssa Serrano (4th, 2:46.82); Kennedy Stallworth (5th, 2:58.67).

200-yard freestyle – Ashton Cole (2nd, 2:09.21); Hannah Cook (3rd, 2:10.97); Emily Kroll (4th, 2:15.44).

200-yard IM – Morgan Choffin (2nd, 2:26.70); Alyssa Serrano (3rd, 2:29.12); Kylee Savage (4th 2”44.19).

500-yard freestyle – Morgan Choffin (2nd, 5:43.73); Hannah Cook (3rd, 5:53.78); Jordan Miller (6th, 6:41.66).

1000-yard freestyle – Kay Lange (1st, 11:57.05); Ryann Katz (4th, 13:19.47); Jordan Miller (5th, 13:26.02).

200-yard freestyle relay – West Virginia Wesleyan-A (1st, 1:48.21); West Virginia Wesleyan-B (3rd, 2:02.44).

400-yard medley – West Virginia Wesleyan-A (2nd, 4:22.71); West Virginia Wesleyan-B (3rd, 4:48.55).


Wesleyan 119     Fairmont State 74

50-yard freestyle – Arthur Assfeld (1st, 22:52); Jalen Johnson (5th, 24.52); Luke Feldhake (6th, 25.13).

100-yard backstroke – Arthur Assfeld (1st, 55.17); Luke Feldhake (3rd, 1:00.15); Tal Sutton (4th, 1:08.77).

100-butterfly – Nathan Swalley (1st, 54.92); Brennan Nettleton (3rd, 1:00.90).

100-yard freestyle – Logan Knoyer (1st, 50.42); Marc Bennett (2nd, 51.54).

200-yard breaststroke – Dominik Schopper (2nd, 2:16.36); Mikel Murgarza (3rd, 2:27.93); Jalen Johnson (5th, 2:33.62).

200-yard freestyle – Logan Knoyer (2nd, 1:51.96); Michael McAlpine (3rd, 1:54.51); Nathan Swalley (4th, 2:06.15).

200-yard IM – Marc Bennett (2nd, 2:08.61); Mikel Murgarza (3rd, 2:08.86); Dominik Schopper (4th, 2:09.12).

500-yard freestyle – Michael Alpine (1st, 5:10.76); Dan Williams (3rd, 5:23.85); Brennan Nettleton (4th, 5:43.88).

1000-yard freestyle – Dan Williams (1st, 11:41.82); Tal Sutton (2nd, 12:11.56).

200-yard freestyle relay – West Virginia Wesleyan (1st, 1:32.18).

400-yard medley relay – West Virginia Wesleyan-A (2nd, 3:46.35); West Virginia Wesleyan-B (3rd, 4:10.42).


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