Bob Cupp Memorial names first quarter winner

BUCKHANNON — On Wednesday, May 11, Bob Cupp Memorial hosted week 5 of play. During the match, Hank Ellis Insurance beat Lisa Cain Edwards with a score of 18. 

Custom Cabinets beat Highland Landscaping with a score of 20, moving Highland to fifth overall for the quarter. High Point Construction beat UniFirst Corporation with a score of 16.5. Feola’s Flowers beat Baker Tilly with a 23.5 and Sam’s Pizza beat First Community Bank with a 17 total. 

Last week, Baker Tilly was in first for the quarter with a 73.5 with Hank Ellis Insurance closely in second place with a score of 73. High Point remains in tenth with a total of 77. 

This concludes the first quarter. 

Congratulation to the teams for their progress and stay tuned for next week’s results.

Standing Team Points

1. Hank Ellis Insurance 91

2. Sam’s Pizza 87.5

3. Feola’s Flowers 87

4. UniFirst Corporation 86

5. Highland Landscaping 83.5

6. Baker Tilly 83

7. Lisa Cain Edward Jones 83

8. Custom Cabinets 83

9. First Community Bank 80.5

10.High Point Construction 77

This week’s schedule 

First Community Bank vs UniFirst Corporation Baker Tilly vs Hank Ellis Insurance 

Lisa Cain Edward Jones vs Highland Landscaping Custom Cabinets vs Sam’s Pizza 

Feola’s Flowers vs High Point Construction 


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