Bob Cupp Memorial Golf League week 8 update

TENNERTON — For the second straight week, Custom Cabinets picked up another big win. Custom Cabinets defeated Hank Ellis Insurance by a score of 20 to 13 1/2 to stay atop the Buckhannon Country Club Bob Cupp Memorial Golf League points standings for a second consecutive week with 62 1/2 total points. The loss put a temporal pause on the Hank Ellis Insurance team’s meteoric rise through the standings, with the group holding firm in fifth place with 48 1/2 total points. Both teams had individuals enjoy excellent days, as both John Moss (Custom Cabinets) and Steve Jeran (Hank Ellis Insurance) were among the day’s top performers.  

To evidence just how deep the league is top to bottom, Feola’s Flowers upset UniFirst Corporation 17 to 14 1/2. The massive win by Feola’s Flowers, fueled by a strong day from Howard Feola, brought them into a tie for ninth-place after eight weeks and only 3 1/2 points from fifth-place in the points standings. The loss for UniFirst Corporation did not impact their position in the standings, aside from slightly loosening their grip on second-place, finishing week eight with 56 total points. 

High Point Construction bounced back to third-place in the standings with a 20 to 12 1/2 win over Sam’s Pizza, bringing their season total to 54 1/2 points, only trailing second-place UniFirst Corporation by 1 1/2 total points. Sam’s Pizza sits with a 1/2 point lead over Highland Landscaping and the surging Feola’s Flowers teams with 45 1/2 total points.  

Baker Tilly beat Highland Landscaping by a score of 18 1/2 to 13 1/2 to maintain their spot in the top four, ending week eight of play with 52 1/2 points. A big day from Owen Bragg helped the Baker Tilly team pick up the win and stay in a tight race for the top spot.  

First Community Bank beat Lisa Cain Edward Jones by a score of 19 1/2 to 12 1/2. With the win, the team representing First Community Bank brings their season total to 47 points, as they continue to creep ever closer to the fifth-place Hank Ellis Insurance team, now trailing by just 1 1/2 points.  

See the standings and individual results below: 

Team Points Standings through 8 weeks

1. Custom Cabinets 62 ½

2. UniFirst Corporation 56

3. High Point Construction 54 ½

4. Baker Tilly 52 1/2

5. Hank Ellis Insurance 48 1/2

6. First Community Bank 47

7. Lisa Cain Edward Jones 46 1/2

8. Sam’s Pizza 45 1/2

9. Highland Landscaping 45

10. Feola’s Flowers 45

Low Actual – Par 36

Owen Bragg, Baker Tilly 36

Howard Feola, Feola’s Flowers, 37

John Moss, Custom Cabinets, 38

Steve Jeran, Hank Ellis Insurance, 38

Low Net - Par 36

Owen Bragg, Baker Tilly, 30

Howard Feola, Feola’s Flowers, 31

Butch Hyre, Hank Ellis Insurance, 32

Week 9 schedule: 

#2 UniFirst Corporation vs. #5 Hank Ellis Insurance #9 Highland Landscaping vs. #6 First Community Bank #8 Sam’s Pizza vs. #4 Baker Tilly 

#10 Feola’s Flowers vs. #7 Lisa Cain Edward Jones  

#3 High Point Construction vs. #1 Custom Cabinets 


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